Chaostrology is founded upon the Golden Rule – treating others as we wish to be treated. This rule has been in place for time immemorial. The premise behind Chaostrology is that each lifetime is given to each of us in order to adhere and align with the Golden Rule. The rule affects all facets of life and is both complex and strict.

Reincarnation is a premise of Chaostrology. By a person being born and living upon this Earth, it is a testament to the individual’s striving toward better alignment with the Golden Rule. It is also a testament that the person has not adhered to the rule in one or more prior lifetimes. The present lifetime is focused upon correcting past weaknesses and problematic behavior (faulty character traits). All of this is described in a Chaostrology Triad Wheel Chart (TWC).

Chaostrology readings are descriptions and explanations behind an individual’s ‘birth chart’ (TWC). A ‘birth chart’ or ‘natal chart’ is a wheel shaped diagram showing where the planets were located in the heavens at the time of a person’s birth. The planets are a tangible evidence for an unseen mathematical factor of the solar system, which we call a ‘harmonic’. The mathematical factor is an artifact of the formation of the solar system and directly related to Chaos Theory.

A reading provides insights as to why a person chose to incarnate as well as what goals the person wants to achieve in the present lifetime. Overall, every chart identifies one or more weaknesses or problems experienced by the person during one of more past lives. These issues are deemed ‘karma’ which should be rectified and overcome in the present lifetime. The natal chart of the present lifetime identifies corrective behaviors to overcome the past life problems.

Chaostrology readings note character strengths and weaknesses as well as paths in life conducive for spiritual growth and alignment with the Golden Rule.

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