If you are interested in learning more about Chaostrology or getting a reading, please contact us at with the details of your request.

Two types of readings are presently available:

    • Birth Chart Readings (aka natal chart readings) priced at $320.00
    • Transit Readings for the coming year priced at $320.00

NOTE: During the launch of our new ebook, Chaostrology: A Guide for Spiritual Transformation, we are offering both types of readings for almost a third off of the price (both are priced at $220.00 during this promotion). 

For orders for readings, we will invoice you through PayPal for the appropriate amount.  You do not need a PayPal account for this.  PayPal will send the invoice to your email.  Once paid, we will open a ticket order for you, assign one of our Chaostrology Readers to your request, and email the contact information for our reader.  At that time, you and the Chaostrology Reader can setup a mutually convenient date and time for the reading.

  • Prior to the reading, we will provide the graphic representation of your Chaostrology Chart and a legend for you and your to Chaostrology Reader to reference during the subsequent reading.
  • Readings are verbal and are recorded.  We will provide a copy of the recording to you after the Reading.
  • If you wish to have your reading transcribed, we have resources for you to contact, but that will be an arrangement for you and the transcription company/person.  We do not perform transcriptions.
  • We also have consulting available.  Our standard rate is $105 per hour, and we will assign one of our Chaostrology Readers to your request.  Our reader will need a detailed description of the work from you, and our reader will then provide an estimate of the work and cost involved.  The Chaostrology Reader will do the invoicing and any discounts if applicable.  
  • Our standard rate for personal training is $105 per hour.  The Chaostrology Reader providing the training will also do the invoicing and provide discounts if applicable.  

Thank You for visiting our website!  An we look forward to assisting you!