Chaostrology is a reconstruction of astrology turning it into a science. The idea of being guided by stars and planets is thrown out. Science cannot support that premise. Instead, Chaostrology is grounded in the magnetosphere of the Earth, the Sun, and other celestial bodies of our solar system. The magnetosphere surrounds and permeates the Earth with magnetism. Even light has a magnetic component which is why it is technically called ‘electromagnetic radiation’. If anything exists upon the Earth, it is permeated by magnetic waves and must survive (or even flourish) with them.

The shape of the Earth’s magnetosphere is shaped by charged particles streaming from the Sun and bombarding the Earth constantly – the ‘solar wind’. As it collides with the Earth’s magnetosphere, the solar wind compresses the magnetosphere’s shape on the day side of the Earth while stretching it out on the Earth’s night side creating a ‘magnetotail’. Since the Earth is constantly revolving (spinning on its axis), the resultant shape of the magnetosphere is changing relative to any location upon the Earth. Because the tilt of the Earth (about 23.5 degrees) also affects the shape of the magnetosphere, the varying magnetospheric shape becomes unique for every day and every moment through out the year. Precession of the equinoxes (axial precession) adds further uniqueness to the magnetosphere’s shape through 26 millennia.

All of this creates a unique shape to the magnetosphere for any location upon the Earth for any specific moment in time. Thus, a birth date, birth time, and birth location references a unique magnetospheric shape. Because of the principle of ‘sensitivity to initial conditions’ within Chaos Theory, this dovetails with the uniqueness of the magnetosphere to further emphasize the importance of the shape of the magnetosphere at a person’s birth. Consequently, it is not the positions of stars and planets that establish character and personality traits for a person at birth, but rather the unique shape of the Earth’s magnetosphere. This is the premise underneath Chaostrology.

Given this groundwork founded in the magnetosphere and Chaos Theory melded with the effectiveness of largely unknown Sidereal Astrology, Chaostrology has performed with high accuracy for personality profiling for almost 30 years of testing and practice. Clients claim that Chaostrology readings are 90% accurate.



The type of astrology that most people know is actually ‘Tropical astrology’.  It is also known as ‘traditional astrology’ or ‘western astrology’.  The fatal flaw of Tropical astrology is its bad accuracy.  If you look at the planets in the night skies, and then look in the astrology guide (an ‘ephemeris’) at the location for the planets, you will not find the planets where the book says they are.  You can eyeball the sky and then look at the book, and you can see that the book is wrong.  This is an old problem related to ‘axial precession’.  It is a well known problem, but Tropical astrologers don’t care.  They have been driving with a ‘flat tire’ for centuries, and they have gotten used to the problem.

Meanwhile, Sidereal astrology is close to being perfectly accurate.  If you look at a Sidereal ephemeris, and then look into the sky where the book says a planet is located, that’s exactly where you will find the planet.  Sidereal astrology is correct; tropical astrology is wrong.  The difference is only about 25 degrees, but that still makes huge differences when reading an astrology chart.  25 degrees is almost a full Zodiac Sign which are always exactly 30 degrees in width.

Our clients claim that we are about 90% accurate in our readings, and that accuracy is primarily due to using Sidereal astrology.   We use the same planetary positions that astronomers use.  You can look up into the night skies, then look down into a Sidereal ephemeris, and you can see the accuracy for yourself.  You can eyeball the truth.