9-9 Couplet

  • 9-9 Couplet: When a triad is doubled, it is exalted, and the traits are emphasized or magnified.  The 9th Triad relates to the atmosphere but can be any gas.  The 9th Triad also includes knowledge and education.  Combining the two would read as ‘knowledge of the atmosphere’ or ‘knowledge about gases’ (9-9).  

DHARMIC: Knowledge is critical for survival and for living harmoniously with others.  Any knowledge can be used beneficially, and recognizing this encourages ‘learning for the sake of learning’ or ‘knowledge for the sake of knowledge’.  This could be described as a ‘strategy of learning’ or a ‘philosophy of learning’.  Of course, all of these require the freedom to learn.  So, each of these exemplify the 9-9 couplet. 

The 9-9 also says a ‘philosophy of freedom’.  With a global perspective, as implied by the 9th Triad, this becomes ‘global freedom’.  If we are to grow spiritually, we need freedom to grow.  Freedom is an essential part of any type of growth.  Be it a philosophy or a strategy, allowing us freedom to grow spiritually, thus, becomes dharmic. 

Finally, the sharing of knowledge globally is also the 9-9 couplet. 

KARMIC: The failures of the 9th Triad include sloppiness and detachment, and detachment can mean aloofness’.  Any of these undermines education, learning, strategies, and philosophies.  Worse, distancing ourselves from learning mires us in ignorance and retards our spiritual growth. 

PHRASES: Phrases include ‘professor of philosophy or meteorology or agriculture’, ‘aeronautical expert’, ‘hot air balloon pilot’, ‘explorer of other planets’, ‘world traveler’, ‘mountain climber’, ‘foreign language teacher’, ‘naturalist’, etc.   The 9-9 couplet alludes to learning, foreign countries, the atmosphere, gases, expansion, the great outdoors, flying, etc.  Any mixture of two of these becomes a reading for the 9-9 couplet.