9-12 Couplet

  • 9-12 or 12-9 Couplet: One interpretation of 9-12 Couplet says ‘global water’ which are the oceans as well as all water supplies throughout the world – rivers, lakes, wells, etc. The 9-12/12-9 combination can also mean the hydrosphere and atmosphere of our planet.

DHARMIC: We are inhabitants of the Earth, but we are stewards of the Earth, too.  To be good stewards and maintain the health and optimum functioning of the Earth’s natural systems upon which we rely for existence is a paramount and dharmic activity. 

KARMIC: Failure to care for the Earth and its natural resources has dire consequences which will fulfill the karmic debt we create through our inattention, aloofness, detachment, and overall sloppiness (all 9th Triad).  In the end, we will suffer from our delusions, the lies we tell ourselves and the poisons we pour into our natural resources (all 12th Triad).

PHRASES:  As with most combinations, many phrases come from the 9-12/12-9 couplets: oceans, lakes, aquifers, the atmosphere, humidity, steam, natural water resources, weather precipitation (rain, snow, hail, etc.), farm irrigation, liquid gas (oxygen, nitrogen, propane, etc.), liquid rocket propellant, etc.