9-11 Couplet

  • 9-11 or 11-9 Couplet: The 11th Triad, using Sharon Mann’s terminology, represents ‘sudden, unexpected changes’.  Meanwhile, the 9th Triad represents large factors as well as knowledge.

DHARMIC: The most dharmic interpretation of the 9-11/11-9 couplets comes from the friendship aspect of the 11th Triad and the global perspective of the 9th Triad.  Combined, they say ‘global friendship’.  This is, perhaps, the strongest expression of the Golden Rule – everyone treating each other as a friend.  We encourage and help our friends.  We go out of our way to help them.  We care about them.  We are comforted knowing that our friends will return our help when we might need it.  Global friendship would create ‘Heaven on Earth’.

KARMIC: The sad truth is that we do not handle ‘sudden, unexpected changes’ well.  In fact, change of any sort seems to trouble us, and often we lash out at others for causing troubling changes.  Friendship suddenly dissolves in a hurry. 

Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, noted that the world (and universe) is in a constant state of flux.  The quote usually attributed to him is, “You never step into the same river twice.”  A river is constantly changing. 

We must accept the inevitability of change and be prepared for it.  Sadly, we do not.  And the most devastating are denoted by the 9-11 couplet – ‘global change’.  We may be far away from the flashpoint or the triggering event, but like ‘caterpillar accidents’ on city highways where 3 or 4 vehicles rear-end each other, we end up getting caught in the problems as they trickle across the world.  We live in a highly connected and interdependent world.  Changes in faraway lands can eventually affect everybody.  Being aloof, ignorant, or detached from this prompts more and deeper problems.  Again, when problems arise, friendship is too often replaced my anger and animosity.  In whatever fashion this occurs, and in whatever sequence, it is karmic.

PHRASES: The 11-9 says ‘lightning in the atmosphere’ as well as ‘electrified gas’ such as florescent and neon lighting.  Using the educational slant of the 9th Triad, the 9-11 couplet could reference a professor of physics (especially particle physics) or an electrical engineer.  Any global technology would also fit the 9-11 couplet.  The 9-11 could represents ‘knowledge of social groups’, too, or even ‘global population’, and might indicate a professor of sociology.  Just an association of meteorologists fits the 11-9 couplet (e.g., the American Meteorological Society or the National Weather Association).

Additionally, the 9-11 says ‘global changes’.  Like it or not, each of us will always face changes in the world around us.  The 11th Triad indicates flexibility and creativity.  In other words, it highlights ‘adaptation’; we must adapt to changes or die trying.  With that, the 9-11 becomes ‘global adaptation’. 

Finally, the 11-9 says ‘universal expansion’ as well as ‘population expansion’.  Though scientists now believe that the universe is expanding, a more pertinent issue facing us is population growth.