9-10 Couplet

  • 9-10 or 10-9 Couplet: The 10th Triad represents ‘reality’, and the 9th Triad represents ‘knowledge’.  Combined, they say ‘practical knowledge’, or ‘knowledge from experience’.  Since the 9th Triad rules nature, and the 10th Triad effects ‘control’, the 10-9 couplet indicates ‘control by nature’.  This would allude to ‘natural laws’ such as the known laws of the universe (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.).  This would include all sciences as well as history.  Our own experiences also fall into ‘history’ since our experiences form our personal history.  Using the 9-10 with this perspective, knowledge (9th) comes from personal experiences (10th). 

The 9-10/10-9 produces a conflict of ‘freedom’ and ‘restriction’.  Sharon Mann always referred to the ruler of the 10th Triad (Saturn) with the phrase ‘restricts and focuses’.  And this runs counter to the expansive freedom demanded by Jupiter and the 9th Triad.

DHARMIC: The 9-10 couplet says ‘natural law’.  Reality has firm laws providing structure throughout the universe.  And these create limitations for what we can and cannot do.  But these laws provide comfort, too, by always being there and being stable.  We can rely upon these laws.  We can feel secure that they do not change.  The air we breathe does not suddenly freeze inside our lungs while walking on a warm, sunny beach.  The soil on a farm does not suddenly turn into an acid lake when we step on it.  We are not arbitrarily flung into frigid and airless outer space because gravity failed for a split second.  If such dangers existed, we would live in constant terror.  The laws of reality provide stability, and we gain comfort knowing they are stable and unchangeable.  The laws of Mother Nature protect and nurture us.

The most dharmic expression of the 9-10/10-9 couplets is knowing and understanding these universal laws of nature and reality – God’s laws.  The 9th Triad represents knowledge and education, and the spirit of science is to learn about and understand the world and universe about us.  This is the great dharmic truth of these couplets: understand reality

KARMIC: With the dharmic truth stated, the great karmic failure is ignoring or being ignorant of the reality we exist within.  The failure of the 9th Triad is being detached.  You cannot learn about something which you ignore and detach yourself.  Whatever you run away from, you fail to learn and understand.  Running away from knowledge and ignoring the truths of reality is karmic.

PHRASES: The 9-10 couplet embodies what many of us want – ‘easy work’.  The other 9-10 reading usually appeals to us, too – ‘freedom from work’.  This could be a vacation, perhaps retirement, or just a long holiday weekend. 

For the career aspects of the 10th Triad, anything to do with the atmosphere or gases, advanced education, large tracts of land, foreign countries, government land (wildlife preserves, national forests or parks, etc.), or nature in general would be included.  Jobs would include farm workers, ranchers, science teachers, employees of global corporations, government employees, diplomats and ambassadors, airline employees, military air force employees, maintenance and baggage handlers at an airport, meteorologists, hot air balloons, party balloons, propane/natural gas companies, scuba tanks and regulators, steam driven equipment (like steam locomotives), and many, many more.  Physicists would be especially denoted since they hold advanced knowledge about reality, but any scientist or professor in any field of nature would fit.