8-12 Couplet

  • 8-12 or 12-8 Couplet: With

DHARMIC: The 12-8 couplet says ‘spiritual transformation’.  This is what life is all about – growing and transforming ourselves spiritually.  The 8-12 says ‘powerful spirituality’ and would earmark a person with ultra-strong spiritual or religious beliefs. 

The 12-8 can also be read as ‘mysterious power’ which is how Lakota refer to God – Wakan Tanka or ‘Mystery Great’.  The reverse couplet, 8-12, would be ‘powerful mystery’ which also embodies the Lakota phrase.  At its heart is spiritual power, which all of us should aspire toward. 

Such ‘mysterious power’ could include clairvoyance, channeling, ESP, or any other communication with the spiritual realm.  Though the 8th Triad tends to lend itself to this, the spiritual 12th Triad enhances this potential.  In our readings, we often find people with a 12-8 couplet as having unusual spiritual gifts.

KARMIC: As with all 12th Triad couplets, the danger is with lies.  The 12-8 can be ‘false transformation’ or ‘false power’.  The 8-12 can mean ‘powerful lie’ or ‘powerful falsehood’.  Sharon Mann’s favorite phrase for 12th Triad factors was ‘illusion/disillusion’.  We get wrapped up in our illusions and fantasies only to fall into disillusion when they fail us.  The 8-12/12-8 combination describes ‘powerful illusion’ and ‘powerful disillusion’.  And whatever power may exist, it is always elusive.

With the 12th Triad representing criminal or illicit activities, adding the 8th Triad brings forth such activities along with a sexual nature – illicit sex, criminal sexual behaviors, etc.  The 12th Triad also includes film (illusions), so sexual movies (stag films, pornography, etc.) as well as horror movies would also fall into this combination.  Surprisingly, Halloween would epitomize this coupling (12th Triad – illusions, 8th Triad – death, skeletons, ghosts, etc.). 

Ritual death or religious death falls within this combination, too (12th Triad – religion, 8th Triad – death).  The daily human sacrifices performed by the Aztec clergy would be an example.  Even thoughts of suicide fit this coupling (12th Triad – thinking/thoughts, 8th Triad – death). 

PHRASES: Any powerful liquid fits the 8-12/12-8 combination: oceans, rivers, waterfalls, floods, JP4 jet fuel, nitro glycerin, lava flows, acids, detergents and other powerful chemicals would be included.  Since the 12th Triad encompasses drugs and alcohol, powerful drugs and strong cocktails would reflect the 8-12 couplet.  The interpretation of the 12-8 couplet as ‘liquid death’ would relate to poisons.  Strangely, Juan Ponce de León’s mythical ‘Fountain of Youth’ would fit the 12-8 couplet if read as ‘Fountain of Rebirth’.

Relating to physical aspects of the 8-12 couplet would include drugs to reduce inflammation, steroids, muscle enhancing drugs, etc.  The 8-12 also suggests a ‘sex drug’.  This could be a contraceptive or an enhancer to correct erectile dysfunction.  Drugs to increase fertility would be included, too.