8-11 Couplet

  • 8-11 or 11-8 Couplet: If the 7-11/11-7 combination was scary, the 8-11/11-8 is terrifying.  The 11th Triad is ‘sudden unexpected changes’, like lightning strikes.  The 8th Triad is powerful transformation, like earthquakes and volcanoes.  Combined, it suggests the event that created the meteor crater in Arizona or the Tunguska event in Siberia.  Even the dinosaurs might know something about the 8-11/11-8 combination.  

DHARMIC: Within someone’s life, the 8-11/11-8 couplets allude to a revelation or an epiphany.  Some sudden event has a major transformative effect within a person’s life.  This most likely will come as a profound change to a person’s character.  The 11th Triad suggests something ‘lightning quick’, and the 8th Triad suggests something powerful. 

KARMIC: The sudden and powerful event may be physically destructive, perhaps creating a handicap or some other affliction.  However, all such sudden impairments are not punishment but enforced correction.

The two spiritual corrections attained by an affliction are increased forethought and increased appreciation of others.  If we are to treat people equitably, we need to think before acting impulsively.  And if we do not appreciate help from others, then an affliction forces us to at least recognize the need for others.  With an affliction, we suddenly lose our independence and must rely on others to help us survive and perform normal, everyday activities.

Is the 8-11/11-8 combination a guaranteed affliction in the future?  No!  It is more like a mine.  If you fail to follow the corrective path of your dharma, then you step off into a minefield.  The intention of an affliction is not punishment; it is only a sudden and powerful event to force you back on the spiritual path of caring about others, being grateful for them, and thinking ahead for every step in your life.  Suddenly, you must plan for the help of others to accomplish your daily needs.  And with the planning also comes creative problem-solving because the affliction defeats normal activities and likely has unique issues to contend with.  The malady also instills gratitude for those who do help you.  But again, an 8-11/11-8 ‘mine’ lays off of the spiritual path you are to follow.  As long as you are on your path toward spiritual growth, you should be fine.

The exception is when someone takes on an affliction for the growth of someone else.  Most frequently, this occurs within families where a child takes on an affliction forcing the parent to plan ahead and increase gratitude for those assisting the family and the impaired child.

Another karmic activity suggested by the 11-8 couplet is ‘unusual sexual behavior’.  The 8-11 can even mean ‘sex with anybody and everybody’ (promiscuity).  It can also mean ‘quirky or kinky’ sex including fetishes and other bizarre sexual acts.  The 11-8 couplet also suggests ‘group sex’ (11-8 couplet) such as an orgy.

PHRASES:  There are many events and equipment which draw from the 8-11/11-8 combination.  The 11-8 rules electrical fuse boxes in homes or buildings.  It rules the power station creating electricity.  It encompasses any electrical master switch that provides ‘sudden power’.  It rules a master switch designed to cut all power to a piece of equipment.  Demolition of a building usually has timed detonations running through electrical circuits.  (Adding the 12th Triad to create a 12-11-8 triplet would imply a hydroelectric dam.)

The 11th Triad also includes groups of people.  Given that, the 8-11 could be a powerful social group.  (Adding the 5th Triad would create an 8-5-11 triplet implying a powerful political group.)  Senators of the United States or other members of Congress would exemplify the 8-11 couplet – ‘powerful people’.  Executives of a major corporation would similarly be ‘powerful people’ (8-11).  Heads of state, leaders of industry, leaders of banking, and leaders in any field would be ‘powerful people’.

Finally, there is an oblique indication of creating electricity from burning or transforming something (11-8).  This might indicate a nuclear reaction (nuclear power).  Possibly, this could be burning coal to generate electricity, but the 10-11 couplet seems more likely with the 10th Triad relating to geology and fossil fuels.