8-10 Couplet

  • 8-10 or 10-8 Couplet: Ultimately, the 8th Triad encompasses all types of ‘transformation’, and the 10th Triad expresses ‘control’.  Together, they say ‘controlled transformation’.  The 8th Triad also includes any form of ‘physical power’, and the 10-8 becomes ‘controlled power’.  Additionally, the 10th Triad is typically structured, and the 8-10 couplet can be a ‘powerful structure’. 

DHARMIC: Many powerful structures are dharmic since they help all of us.  River dams regulate rivers to prevent damaging floods.  They are also a source of beneficial hydroelectric power as well as reservoirs of drinking water.  These are dharmic uses of ‘powerful structures’.  Bridges and even national roadways are powerful structures benefiting everyone.  Bridges, roadways, and dams are especially apropos since the 10th Triad rules geology, and these noted structures are made of reinforced concrete or even earth (earthen dams) which come from rocks and soils.  Buildings and skyscrapers are other forms of ‘power structure’ which benefit others. 

Bringing this down to the human level, we are immersed in physical bodies in a physical world – the 8th Triad.  The world and our bodies are structured and systematic – the 10th Triad.  The 10-8 couplet says ‘systematic power’.  Any physical system is described by the 8-10/10-8 combination. 

But a deeper meaning behind the 8-10 is the ‘death and rebirth’ cycles underneath the 8th Triad – reincarnation.  The 8th Triad ‘tears down in order to rebuild’.  Death is the tearing down.  Rebirth is the rebuilding.  Through the reincarnation process, our personal character flaws can be corrected and/or adjusted.

Dharmically, the 10-8 couplet also says ‘control the body’ which means to control Earthly appetites – especially sexual ones.  Individuals with 10-8 couplets tend to have repressed libidos. 

KARMIC: Obviously, failing to control bodily appetites creates karma.  The 8th Triad also relates to destruction whereby something is ‘torn down in order to rebuild’ (Sharon Mann’s phrase).  Thus, there is a destructive element within the 8th Triad, and the 10-8 says to ‘control destruction’.  From a karmic standpoint, the 10-8 couplet would be negated.  In other words, ‘uncontrolled destruction’ or ‘uncontrolled physical power’ would be karmic.  In its worst case, the karmic 10-8 would be physical abuse.

PHRASES: Manufacturing is a common 8-10/10-8 indication.  Any powerful, physical, and systematic structure fits the 8-10/10-8 couplets: hydroelectric dams, bulldozers, drilling equipment.  Anything to do with molten metal or heavy industry is especially suggested – forges, kilns, etc.  The 8th Triad is ‘the volcano’, and the 10-8 could say ‘job is volcanoes’, such as with a volcanologist.  (Since the 10th Triad rules geology, and the 8th Triad means ‘powerful change’, the two can literally mean an earthquake.)  Recycling of materials (steel, aluminum, glass, paper, etc.) is also 10-8 by being a systematic transformation of material from an old form (tearing it down) into a new form (rebuilding it).  A career in research and development is another 8-10/10-8 job or career.  Again, the key idea behind the 8-10/10-8 combination is ‘controlled transformation’. 

Even a potter making bowls and pots from clay fits the 8-10/10-8 combination since clay is an earthly material (10th Triad) and shaping it on a potter’s wheel, and especially firing it in a kiln, satisfies the traits of the 8th Triad.  Speaking of heat, since the 10th Triad refers to the earth and geology, and the 8th Triad represents power, combining the two says ‘geothermal power’. 

The other important area of the 8th Triad is recovery from catastrophic financial or health problems.  The insurance field is represented here.  The 8-10/10-8 couplets then indicate a job or career in the insurance field. 

Insurance companies cover insurance claims partly with investments in the stock market, which falls within the 8th Triad of investments.  From that perspective, the 8-10/10-8 could also indicate a career in the stock market or commodity market.  However, the speculation involved in the these markets is more reflective of gambling, which would then fall within an 8-5 couplet (‘investment gambling’).

Regarding health problems, the 8th Triad includes all types of surgery, and some cancers are treated through surgery.  Working in a sex related job (e.g., obstetrician, gynecologist, urologist, hysterectomy surgeon, etc.) also falls within the purview of the 8th Triad.  In all of these cases, having a job or career in these fields would satisfy the 10-8 couplet (‘job is surgeon’, ‘job is obstetrician’, etc.).