7-9 Couplet

  • 7-9 or 9-7 Couplet: With the 9th Triad encompassing nature, and the 7th Triad harkening to beauty, it calls to mind vistas of mountains and rivers, rolling hills and meadows.  Yet, the 8th Triad represents knowledge, too, and there is a beauty to be found in elegant ideas, in philosophy, in strategies coming together and working harmoniously.

DHARMIC: Appreciating the beauty of nature is certainly dharmic, and many of us, or even most of us, revel in it often.  Orchestrating ideas and philosophies and bringing them into harmony with the needs of people – especially family and those closest to us, is dharmic as long as everyone benefits.  Finding effective strategies for living together at home or for working together at a job are both dharmic examples of the 9-7 couplet.  And bringing beauty and harmony into the world exemplifies the dharmic 7-9 couplet. 

KARMIC:  Beauty and harmony are rarely found in sloppy or careless work.  And the same is true of philosophies and strategies.  Carelessness usually fails as does lack of precision.  The latter is often found when following recipes; substituting ingredients or not measuring them properly can lead to unpleasant consequences. 

The other type of 7-9/9-7 failure is adding precision to a generality.  It reminds us of the old joke about the caretaker at a dinosaur museum claiming that one dinosaur skeleton was 200 million and 9 years old.  He claimed that he arrived at that exact number because the bones were already 200 million years old when he started working there.  And he started working at the museum 9 years ago. 

Adding the precision of ‘9 years’ to a wild guess of ‘200 million years’ is ludicrous.  The 9th Triad mostly addresses generalities – not specific individual cases.  To add precision to a generality is untenable and karmic.

PHRASES: Apropos phrases include: ‘professor of art or music’, ‘well-planned strategy’, a ‘large family’, a ‘rural family’, ‘farm workers’, a ‘family farm’, ‘rows of crops’, ‘aircraft workers’, ‘aircraft designer’, ‘graphic weather map’, ‘weather forecasting’, ‘spray painting’, ‘landscape vistas’, ‘beautiful landscaping’, ‘colorful autumn foliage’, ‘colorful flowers’, ‘colorful party balloons’, ‘beautiful kites’, etc.  Anything relating beauty and design either with atmospheric gases or with nature fits the 7-9/9-7 combination which brings together ‘big’ and ‘beautiful’ (well designed/organized).