7-8 Couplet

  • 7-8 or 8-7 Couplet: At its root, the 8-7 couplet says ‘powerful organization’.  As with a knife, a powerful organization can be used to benefit others or to damage them.  The 8-7 is not inherently karmic or dharmic. 

DHARMIC: Seeking beauty is seeking harmony.  With the 8th Triad this tends to be physical and suggests creating beauty and harmony in our physical surroundings.  In the arts, this hints at sculpture or architecture more than other arts such as music and painting or even dance, though they can’t be excluded.  Attempting to create physical art teaches us the delicacies of beauty and harmony, and aspiring to create art is dharmic.

The meticulous organization of the 7th Triad and the physical nature of the 8th Triad suggest an extremely detailed clinical description of all of the muscles of the body (man or beast).  This is knowledge, and beneficial knowledge is always dharmic.

Finally, focus upon sculpting the body as an artistic endeavor, might be excluded from karma if other positive growth occurs such as with growth in patience or discipline.  If body sculpting leads to greater social interactions, that could be beneficial, too, and dharmic.

KARMIC: The 8-7 couplet says ‘physical beauty’.  Since the 8th Triad includes the physical body, the 8-7 suggests perfecting the physical body or even ‘body building’.  The body is merely a vehicle to achieve growth on this physical Earth.  To aggrandize the body beyond its intended purpose, and especially to the neglect of spiritual growth, is karmic. 

Since karma represents a misuse, the 7-8 could also imply a misuse of physical beauty in a past life.  With misuse being too much or too little, it is more likely ‘too much’ attention to physical beauty.  The correction would be the sacrifice of physical beauty, not as a punishment, but as a way to show that physical beauty is insignificant for spiritual growth.  In fact, it could facilitate spiritual growth by forcing the person to release any desire for physical beauty.

PHRASES: Obliquely, the 8-7 couplet implies experiential justice – being subjected to the same treatment we mete out to others.  Since the 8th Triad rules ‘death and rebirth’ (reincarnation), it suggests the spiritual plan which we live within.  With reincarnation, ‘what goes around, comes around’.  This is awkward given the karmic description of 7-8/8-7 couplets. 

One other indication of the 7-8/8-7 combination is sculpting our physical body, as in ‘body building’.  On the one hand, it requires persistence and patience (8th Triad) which are both dharmic.  From the beauty perspective of the 7th Triad, the physical body is beautiful in its harmony of function and its sleek efficiency.  Of course, the physical body has sexual cues, too, which starts to lean toward karma.  But where do we draw the line between ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’, between ‘attractive’ and ‘provocative’?  Regardless of where a line is drawn, physical beauty can be viewed as a distraction from our true purpose of spiritual growth; the body does not transcend physical death.  Why waste time aggrandizing it?  We are presently undecided as to whether ‘physical beauty’ (8-7 couplet) is dharmic, karmic, or neither.  However, we lean toward a karmic interpretation since we must free ourselves of ‘pleasures of the flesh’ or ‘Earthly desires’, in order to escape the ‘merry-go-round’ of reincarnation. 

Beauty instills confidence when meeting people (such as in sales).  But physical appearance should not be overly important; people get old & physical beauty is lost.  Beauty should be an inward quality.  Obsession with outward physical appearance is karmic.