7-7 Couplet

  • 7-7 Couplet: The 7th Triad, rule by Venus, incorporates meticulously organized ideas as well as the laws of justice and the legal system.  Being exalted, these traits are emphasized or magnified.  Such laws are designed to treat all people equitably.

DHARMIC: The 7th Triad attempts perfection, and the exalted 7th Triad attempts it doubly so.  The 7-7 couplet implies the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”  This intense aspiration toward perfection infuses the arts and music as well. 

KARMIC:  We have yet to see perfect laws created by mere mortals.  Those stricken with an exalted 7th Triad may yearn for perfection, but it dances elusively away.  The worst effect of the 7-7 couplet is becoming insatiable in ones desires for perfection with constant frustration as a result.

On the one hand, seeking perfection is the ideal of life.  Yet, perfection is only found within harmony, harmony in living with others.  This is a fluid interaction and a delicate balancing act.  Attempting to dictate this fluidity through human laws is fraught with difficulty.

The worst manifestation of the 7-7 couplet is demanding perfection from those around us.  If any of us were perfect, we would not be living in this training arena called ‘Earth’.  We are aspiring toward perfection, but we are straggled across the spiritual landscape – some more advanced, and others trying to catch up.  To demand perfection in others denies them the opportunity to grow.  All of us are still growing.  We must be accepted as we are, and encouraged to continue growing.      

PHRASES: ‘Persnickety’ seems almost an understatement for 7-7 traits.  In corporations, the 7-7 would most fit the HR department (Human Resources) where people are organized.  But the 7-7 also fits a corporation’s organizational chart with the ‘boss’ at the top, and the masses at the bottom.  This would also be described as a ‘pecking order’, or more grandly, as a structured hierarchy as found with taxonomic ranking in biological classifications.