7-12 Couplet

  • 7-12 or 12-7 Couplet: The 12th Triad denotes faith, hope, ideals, and spirituality.  The 7th Triad denotes beauty, harmony (including music), laws, family and those closest to us.

DHARMIC: The 12-7 reads as ‘spiritual laws’.  The reverse (7-12) is ‘laws of faith’.  Other interpretations of the 7-12/12-7 couplets include ‘beautiful music’, ‘beautiful art’ (paintings, photographs, drawings, etc.), ‘spiritual family’, ‘spiritual harmony’, and all couplets between the stated inclusions stated for the 7th and 12th Triads.  Any and all couplets denoting spirituality and harmonious relationships are dharmic. 

The 12th Triad also includes liquids, especially water, and water is often used in religious ceremonies.  Medicines are used for healing which continues life and enables the ailing person to continue pursuing spiritual growth.  These are all dharmic.  Finally, the 12th Triad implies being secretive, and the relationship between each of us and our Lord is private.  What we pray, and what God shares with us is hidden from others.

Perhaps the most noteworthy trait of the 7-12/12-7 combination is the reading of ‘beautiful music’ or ‘musical harmony’.  It is hard not to perceive music as the language of the soul.  It evokes feelings that we often do not understand or only distantly so.  These feelings may very well be echoes from a past life.  If music is the language of the soul, then all music is sacred; it speaks to us at our deepest level and in ways we do not comprehend.

KARMIC: Every failing of humanity from lies to stealing to rape and murder are can be found with the 12th Triad.  It represents our failings in past lives and can be our nemesis in our present live should we ignore the instruction of the North Node and the 10th Triad.  Coupling the 12th Triad with the 7th Triad brings the failings to our relationship with people close to us – family, spouse, co-workers, and partners.   

PHRASES: Phrases for the 7-12/12-7 couplets include ‘musical composition’, ‘liquid art supplies’ (oil paints, water colors, acrylics, etc.), an ‘artist’s palette’, a ‘medicine chest’, a ‘spice rack’, ‘family laundry’ (or dry cleaning), the ‘periodic table’, a ‘chord chart’, ‘sheet music’, ‘tablature’, a ‘patient’s chart’ (at a hospital), a ‘doctor’s prescription’, a ‘secret recipe’, etc.