7-11 Couplet

  • 7-11 or 11-7 Couplet: For these couplets, the ‘wild and wooly’ 11th Triad meets the ‘precision oriented’ 7th Triad.  (Scary.)

DHARMIC: The most important trait exhibited by the 7-11/11-7 couplets is being flexible with people – especially family and co-workers.  This counters the rigidness of the 7-10/10-7 couplets.  If Capricorn is on the cusp of the 7th House, Aquarius follows and is often part of the 7th House.  This creates the nice balance of being practical and being flexible with people.  Regardless, being flexible with people is a dharmic ‘must’.  The 11-7 is ‘flexible with family’ and ‘flexible with co-workers’.

The 7-11/11-7 combination also implies a spiritual ideal.  At first, the 7-11 suggests a ‘family of friends’.  But with the 11-7 couplet, it says that ‘anyone and everyone is family’.  If we are to love and care about each other, the 11-7 couplet is where we need to be – everyone in the world being cherished as family. 

Another trait of the 11th Triad is creativity.  With the 7th Triad representing artistry, the 11-7 implies ‘artistic creativity’.  Such artistry creates new beauty in the world and is certainly dharmic.

Finally, the 11th Triad denotes anything social while the 7th Triad denotes harmony and balance with others.  Marrying the two says ‘social balance’ or ‘social equality’ as well as ‘equality before the law’.  Example readings would be ‘friends with co-workers’, ‘harmonious friendships’, social justice, and equality for the masses. 

KARMIC:  The 11-7 couplet can be read as ‘wild and wooly precision’ which is an oxymoron.  Trying to organize chaos is most likely a futile endeavor.  In business, we have heard the term ‘herding cats’.  The 7-11 couplet is ‘herding cats’.  The other term oft heard is ‘organized chaos’.  Of course, creating chaos within a precise plan is doomed to failure, too.  The phrase used to describe this in the past has been ‘a bull in a china shop’.  PHRASES: Anything hooked with the 11th Triad can refer to technology and electronics (the lightning bolt).  For instance, it could be a ‘patch panel’ or ‘plug board’, or an ‘electronics schematic drawing’.  With the 7th Triad alluding to art, the combination would be technology used within art, such as digital art or a musical synthesizer or a sound mixing board.  The technologies used artistically today are mind-boggling.