7-10 Couplet

  • 7-10 or 10-7 Couplet: The 7th Triad incorporates any and all planning.  Meanwhile, the 10th Triad is all about working in order to survive.  But the 7th Triad includes beauty just as the 10th Triad includes history and being practical (effecting ‘control’).

DHARMIC: The most dharmic exhortation from the 7-10/10-7 combination is PLAN THE WORK, WORK THE PLAN!  We need to be practical and methodical.  If we devise a plan based upon knowledge and experience, it should be followed.  Changing a plan midway through the process often dooms the effort.  Having ‘control’ built into a plan minimizes exceptions, and steps in the plan tend to be rigorously enforced.  This is true within machinery and assembly lines where each piece of equipment performs a specific and precise action over and over again.  In this case, the plan is physically encoded into the machinery, and the machines can do nothing else but follow the plan.

The 7th Triad implies precision.  The 10th Triad would be the workflow.  Put together, the work becomes more effective.  Greater precision, greater control, and better performance.   

Just as the 10-2 implies ‘God’s Love’, the 10-7 couplet implies ‘God’s Law’.  Both the 2nd Triad and the 7th Triad are ruled by Venus, which embraces both love and law.  

KARMIC: The most likely failure for the 7-10/10-7 couplets is not using effective controls in the plan.  With less precision built into in the plan (7th Triad), less control and more freedom (9th Triad) is introduced, and the greater the potential for errors and failure. 

The other main karmic danger is placing too much control over people – especially family and co-workers (staff).  Eleanor Roosevelt was raised under very strict and rigorous rules which appeared to have detrimental and lingering emotional effects in her adulthood.  Business tycoon, George Pullman, tried to control his workers by creating a town for them and demanding that they live by his strict rules in order to keep their jobs and their homes.  But a national financial panic led to a workers strike, and Pullman’s ‘utopian town’ soon unraveled.  Exerting too much control over people is counterproductive.      

PHRASES: ‘strict plan’, ‘precise organization, ‘works as an artist’, ‘precision tool’, a ‘beautiful canyon’ (the 10th Triad rules geology), etc.  Other phrases include co-workers, family business, family ancestry, family planning, and geologic organization.  It can also be governmental organization such as departments or structure since the 10th Triad rules governments and structure, and the 7th Triad rules organization.