6-9 Couplet

  • 6-9 or 9-6 Couplet: The 6th Triad has two natural complements – the 9th Triad and the 12th Triad, its counterbalance.  The 6th and 9th Triads are natural complements because the 6th Triad is focused upon little details, whereas the 9th Triad has a grand perspective over everything.  It is critical that we pay attention to both – little details and a grand perspective. 

DHARMIC: At its basis, the 6-9 couplet says ‘helpful knowledge’ as well as ‘healthful knowledge’.  Both are dharmic.  Any ‘how to’ book which benefits others will fit the criteria of the 6-9 couplet and is dharmic.

Knowledge is the foundation of our experience upon this Earth.  And the best way to share our skills and knowledge is through writing and books.  The 6-9 couplet says ‘written knowledge’ or ‘books of knowledge’.  Dictionaries and encyclopedia would fit this, too.  Another fit would be the internet which is ‘global written works’.  Writings about philosophy, the laws of nature, weather, farming, and geography are all beneficial and are dharmic.  Though our lives are transient, books can last for thousands of years helping untold millions.  

KARMIC: The weakness of the 9th Triad is being too casual and careless – even sloppy.  The 6th Triad rules the necessities of daily living.  To be careless and sloppy with one’s health breeds disease.  To be careless and sloppy when trying to help others is similarly detrimental.  Another 6-9 danger is being overly detailed.  (The 9-6 couplet says ‘huge details’.)  As humans, we can only comprehend a limited amount of information.  Too Much Information (TMI) becomes useless.

PHRASES: Phrases for the 9-6 couplet include ‘general details’, ‘viewing details from 20,000 feet’ (or some other altitude), and higher education in a highly detailed field (nursing, digestion, medicine, mathematics, statistics, accounting, computers, etc.).  Phrases for the ‘6-9’ couplet include details of nature (agriculture, geography, zoology, botany, etc.).  Both couplets (6-9/9-6) imply higher education in some field.  It also implies scholarly research.  (The 9th Triad encompasses scholarly work for higher education, and the 6th Triad includes reading, writing, books, libraries, and research.)