6-8 Couplet

  • 6-8 or 8-6 Couplet: The 6-8/8-6 couplet reads as ‘powerful details’ and ‘powerful writing’.  This was exemplified by the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster when the failure of a relatively small component, an O-ring, caused the shuttle to explode, killing the entire crew; something small can have disastrous consequences.  Many powerful actions hinge upon little things – a single switch triggering a cascade of bombs from an aircraft, a wrong note being played by a musician ruining a symphony, the little computer glitch whereby Edward Lorenz discovered what became Chaos Theory.  Little things can be extremely powerful.

DHARMIC: The 6-8/8-6 couplets mean ‘powerful help’.  Typically the 8th Triad relates to physical power, and the 6th Triad often means helpful writing such as books.  Helpful books might explain how to harness power – steam power, electric power, geothermal power, wind power, nuclear power, etc.  As long as the power is used to benefit everyone, it is dharmic.   

Powerful writing can also mean powerful books – books which motivate others, perhaps even a nation, fall within the 6-8 couplet.  But, again, the writings must be beneficial to everyone to be dharmic.

With sacrifice included in the 8th Triad, sacrificing part of the body through surgery is one means of regaining health.  Books explaining surgical techniques would reflect the 6-8 couplet and be dharmic.  Books about surgical nursing would be fall within the 6-8 couplet, too.

KARMIC: The weakness of the 6th Triad is worrying over details leading to stress.  And the 8-6 couplet says ‘powerful stress’.  With the persistence of the 8th Triad, this could be chronic stress.  Since stress degrades the performance of the immune system, diseases normally held in check by the immune system, like cancer, could overwhelm the body’s weakened defenses and become rampant.

Other karmic endeavors are books about creating explosives or bombs which are intended to kill or maim people.  Propaganda typically entails the 12th Triad, but if the propaganda is powerful and written down, it falls into the 6-8 couplet.  (However, a karmic 12-6-8 triplet would be more apropos.)

PHRASES:  Generically, the 8-6 couplet reads as ‘powerful writing’.  If it benefits others, it is dharmic.  If it damages others, it is karmic.  But if the powerful writing is merely fiction, then it likely has no significant dharmic or karmic effect. 

The 8th Triad can also be read as ‘upheaval’ and the 6th Triad rules much of the lower torso and digestive tract.  The 8-6 could be a serious digestive problem, an ulcer, or appendicitis.