6-7 Couplet

  • 6-7 or 7-6 Couplet: Adding the 7th Triad to the 6th Triad says ‘beautiful details’ or ‘meticulously organized details.  With the artistic implication of the 7th Triad, graphics can fit.  Blueprints for a house would be an example. 

DHARMIC: The 7-6 couplet can be read as ‘family helpers’.  This would imply everyone in the family dividing chores amongst themselves and helping each other doing them.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, and all other family chores (6th Triad) would be organized and handled smoothly (7th Triad).  Working together and relying upon each other builds organizing skills and interpersonal skills – both part of the Golden Rule.  If we want to be treated as an equal and with respect, then we must learn how to organize and share a mutual workload. 

For writing a paper or a book, it needs to be organized with headings (or chapters), and the ideas must be flow smoothly.  This takes planning and organizing (7th Triad).  Of course, what is written is composed of words and punctuation – little details (6th Triad).  As long as the contents of the material benefits readers and supports knowledge and character growth, then this is dharmic. 

KARMIC:  Not only is stress a danger with the 6th Triad, but it can be compounded by being overly fussy and persnickety – brought on by the 7th Triad energies.  Worse, in a working environment, the 7-6 energies can become ‘micro-managing’ our co-workers which multiplies the stress level.  If someone is caught up in micro-managing, the work becomes inefficient by causing two people to perform the work of one.  Being obsessive about perfection encounters diminishing returns for those working on a joint project.