6-6 Couplet

  • 6-6 Couplet: Being exalted, the 6th Triad reads as ‘details about details’ which usually alludes to records and record keeping (files and data).  It also reads as ‘words about words’ which would be a dictionary.  Since mathematics is included in the 6th Triad, books about algebra or calculus or even books about accounting would fit the 6-6 couplet.  Any books about handling details, such as ‘how to’ books, fit the 6-6 couplet.  

DHARMIC: The 6th Triad is fundamentally about helping each other or ‘service to others’ as Sharon Mann liked to say.  It is also about health.  Books which help everyone stay healthy are dharmic.  A cookbook with healthy recipes would be dharmic.  Assembly instructions and other ‘how to’ books would fit, as long as they are beneficial for everyone.  Since writing is so instrumental for sharing beneficial information, books about how to write would be dharmic.

Since clothing is critical for health in cold climates, books about how to sew and make clothes or coats would be dharmic.  How to make shoes or sandals would be included.  Instructions or books about maintaining a clean and healthy home would fit, too.  Any writings, instructions, or books which help us stay healthy are dharmic.

KARMIC: As with other 6th Triad couplets, the greatest danger is stress – worrying about little details.  With the 6-6 couplet, this danger is magnified.  But writing which interferes with health or does not help others is karmic.  The karmic definition of any 6th Triad couplet is ‘unhelpful’ or ‘unhealthful’.  And if something which will always benefit others is not written down for posterity, that becomes karmic, too.  Karma is a misuse.  And the misuse can be either of commission or omission.  Karmic commission is willful destructive acts to others.  Karmic omission is failing to act to help others when you had the ability to do so.