6-12 Couplet

  • 6-12 or 12-6 Couplet: The 6th and 12th Triads are natural complements of each other.  The 6th Triad represents health which encompasses food and cleanliness.  The 12th Triad represents liquids of any kind.  For digestion, all foods must become nutrient liquids in the body, in some form or another.  It is impossible for us to exist without fluid components supporting our health.  And our hydraulics are generally measured by ‘blood pressure’.   

One unusual concept presented by the 6-12 couplet is writing down our thoughts.  This could be a diary, but the 12th Triad implies imagination or fantasy.  Written fantasy would be construed as ‘fiction’.  Thus, novels are included in the 6-12 and 12-6 couplets

DHARMIC: If reports from near-death experiences (NDEs) are to be believed, then we will be judged by everything we do, everything we say, and everything we think.  Everything we do begins with a thought.  Everything we say begins with a thought.  If we will be judged by such things, then our spirituality and spiritual growth (12th Triad) will be affected by even our most fleeting thoughts.  And our dharmic path depends upon upholding the Golden Rule.

Health requires a balance within the body (6th Triad) and the mind (12th Triad).  When either is upset, it affects the other detrimentally.  The 6-12/12-6 couplets are a reminder for us to keep our bodies and minds in balance – especially the little things (thoughts within the mind and nutrients within the body).

KARMIC: All sorts of nasty things come from the 12th Triad including disease, criminal behavior, and lies of every sort (fake news, propaganda, plagiarism, etc.).  Some of the worst lies are those we tell ourselves.  Since the 12th Triad also includes fantasy, some of our thoughts present future possibilities which are not real.  Meanwhile, the 6th Triad draws upon fear and worry.  Thus, the 12-6 couplet can mean ‘unreal fears’.  

With the 6th Triad representing details, the lies being perpetrated may be hidden among little details and not obvious across the whole.  The failure of the O-ring was a little detail that brought down the Challenger Space Shuttle.  Its failure was due to freezing temperatures – another poorly understood little detail of the O-ring.  The 6-12/12-6 couplet means ‘hidden details’, and it is usually the hidden details that eventually cause the greatest harm.  Sharon Mann described the 12th House as denoting ‘hidden enemies’.  Sometimes, little details can be our hidden enemies (6-12 couplets), like little things causing disease (insects, pathogens, etc.)

PHRASES: Phrases expressed by the 6-12/12-6 couplets include: spiritual text (Bible, Quran, Vedas, Torah, prayer book, etc.).  The 12th Triad encompasses music, and the 6th Triad, being little things, represents individual notes.  The 6-12/12-6 combination could be a sheet of music or the scoring of a film.  Just by the 12th Triad not representing reality, it includes all works of fiction.  The 12-6 says ‘fictional writing’ (novel).  Since the 12th Triad represents the ‘unknown’ or something ‘hidden’, the 6-12/12-6 couplets might imply a mystery novel or merely a secret password. 

Finally, the 6th and 12th Triads are deeply involved with the medical field.  Anytime a 6-12/12-6 couplet is found, the possibility of a doctor or nurse becomes more likely.  But, as noted before, the 6-12/12-6 could also be religious scripture or sheet music.