6-11 Couplet

  • 6-11 or 11-6 Couplet:  The 11th Triad is scattered and wild.  The 6th Triad implies little details.  The combination is akin to tracking the movements of ants all over a farm.  Hopeless.  Nevertheless, a large population of anything wild and scattered can be tracked by sampling and statistics.  Sample the number of ants in a square foot of farmland.  Do it again for a dozen locations scattered across the farm, then average the numbers and project it over hundreds of acres.  Not good enough?  Then, are you prepared to mark each ant with a number and count them individually?  Essentially, we comprehend wildness and largess through mathematics.  Even Chaos Theory is contained within the 6-11/11-6 combination.  How many grains of sand are there on the beaches of the world?  How many atoms of water are in the oceans of the world?  When counting becomes hopeless, we resort to trusty mathematics – not perfect, but ‘good enough’.

The 11th Triad also relates to new technology, and new technology to handle the numbers implied by the 6th Triad would be the computer.  This also entrains electricity which is implied by the 11th Triad – computers are electronic devices.  The essence of the 11th Triad is ‘change’.  Adding the little details of the 6th Triad, we have ‘changing little details’.  Within a computer, this is millions, billions, or even trillions of on/off switches which change almost constantly between ‘on’ and ‘off’ states.  Translated into binary mathematics, the complex and ever-changing activities of a computer are as hard to track as ants across the fields of a farm.

The 6-11/11-6 combination is wildly changing details as well as the electronic technology to comprehend it.

DHARMIC: Any technology which benefits the masses would be dharmic.  (Both technology and the population are 11th Triad matters.)  Bringing in the 6th House of details and writing, the classic example would be computer programs which are written instructions (6th Triad) for computers (11th Triad technology).  However, any technology related to writing would be an 11-6 or 6-11 couplet.  Gutenberg’s press of the 15th Century was new technology (11th) related to writing (6th) which benefited the masses (and still does). 

With the 11th Triad indicating technology, and the 6th Triad meaning writing, any written instructions or books explaining new technology fits the 6-11 couplet and is karmic.  With the 11th Triad implying electricity, too, older technology such as the telegraph fits the 11-6 couplet.  The invention of writing thousands of years ago was new technology (11th) enhancing written communication (6th) which hugely benefited the world.  All of these advancements in written communication benefit billions of us today. 

However, the 11th Triad also indicates society.  Any technology which facilitates the interaction of people through writing fits the 11-6 couplet – email, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Thus, the 11-6 says ‘social media’ as well as the internet.

Maintaining and expanding these worthwhile and beneficial technologies is dharmic.  At its foundation, just sharing beneficial, written information through technology is dharmic.  And the key for determining ‘beneficial’ is based in the Golden Rule: Are we treating others as we want to be treated? 

KARMIC: The 6th Triad includes ‘words’.  With the wild and scattered influence of the 11th Triad, this would imply ‘rambling words’ which would be incomprehensible.  For the communication of ideas, words must be joined coherently so that others can read and understand them.  With the 6-11/11-6 couplets, words (especially written words) have lost their coherence and do not convey ideas and knowledge.  This is the great failure of the 6-11/11-6.  And this is true for any details that are scattered, unconnected, or unorganized; they become useless.

PHRASES: Any little detail that is electrified fits the 6-11/11-6 couplets: batteries, neurons of the brain, transistors, and electrical circuits (including wires, plugs, and outlets).  With the social aspect of the 11th Triad, friends and acquaintances as well as any social network is included.  With the food aspect of the 6th Triad combined with the teamwork factor of the 11th Triad, the combination suggests a ‘team’ or ‘chain’ of food stores – perhaps a restaurant chain, perhaps a chain of grocery stores, etc.  The common phrase for the 11th Triad is ‘anywhere and everywhere, anything and everything’.  The 11th Triad is ubiquitous.  The 6th Triad represents the little details of ubiquity.