6-10 Couplet

  • 6-10 or 10-6 Couplet: Overall, the 10th Triad describes what is real, what is tangible, and what can be relied upon.  The 10th Triad is all about reality.  It represents truth.  The key attribute of reality is that it is always in control.  The laws of nature are omnipotent and omnipresent; they are everywhere and are all-powerful.  The laws of nature are always in control.

The 10th Triad invokes ‘control’, while the 6th Triad represents ‘details’ and writing.  Any writings about the laws of the universe would reflect the 6-10 couplet.  These could be scientific papers or books.  And being writings about reality, these would be considered ‘non-fiction’.  (Fiction is represented by the 6-12 couplet which follows shortly.)  ‘How-to’ books, biographies, histories, scientific journals, and all other written works which attempt to document reality are ‘non-fiction’ and examples of 6-10 and 10-6 couplets. 

Referring to ‘controlled details’, the 10th Triad is often attached to rigidity (like rocks in geology).  The combination of the 6-10/10-6 suggests something like toothed gears where they are metal (rigid) and mesh together.  A good example would be the gears in a precision watch.  Finely controlled, the precision watch keeps excellent time down to the split second.

DHARMIC: If we are to live harmoniously with each other, we must do so in a detailed manner – not carelessly and not sloppily.  Further, we need to do so methodically – treating everyone in the same way.  The 10th Triad evokes the methodic manner, and the 6th Triad draws attention to little details.  Together, they say that we need to deal with little details in a practical manner.  This translates to how we work and live with each other.  We must pay attention to the little interactions between us and handle them in a practical and effective manner.  Though personal freedom is a revered notion, the control of the 10th Triad only says that our freedom has limits.  And those limits are prescribed by the freedom of others.  Our freedom stops where the freedom of another person begins.  The great challenge of life is to find that border which may differ from person to person.

KARMIC: As with all 10th Triad issues, having too much control, too much structure, and too much rigidity is counterproductive to the fluid nature of life.  Any time we use the word ‘must’ we might be enforcing too much rigidity in our lives.  I recall a paraphrase of a Roger Von Oech idea: “The only rule that cannot be broken is this one.”  Words like ‘must’ and ‘should’ bristle with karmic spines like a porcupine.  The sharp karmic points are found when preceding those words with ‘you’. 

PHRASES: The 6th Triad often relates to numbers and sequences.  With the controlling influence of the 10th Triad, it suggests government issued numbers such as passport numbers or Social Security Numbers.  Control of numbers could also be a temperature dial on a stove, buttons on a keyboard, gauges on an automobile dashboard, the ‘glass panel’ readout for a pilot, and many, many other things we manage by assigning numbers to them.  We control and measure things through the use of numbers: miles, kilometers, liters, gallons, light-years, dollars, Euros, pounds, etc.  Whenever the 6-10/10-6 is encountered, there is a strong likelihood of something being measured or counted.  Information and data is being handled in a practical and methodical manner.  Gears are meshing together to count the seconds of a minute, the minutes of an hour, the hours of a lifetime. 

With the 6th Triad relating to words, the 6-10 couplets suggests a variety of writing jobs or typing jobs: author, secretary, blogger, editor, journalist, language teacher, computer programmer, data entry operator, etc.  With the 6th Triad’s emphasis upon health, cooking, cleaning, and serving others, fields of work would include seamstress or tailor, cook, waiter or waitress, maid or butler, laundry or dry cleaning operator, etc.  Clerical jobs might include stock clerk, counter clerk, sales clerk, etc.

Finally, the 10th Triad relates to reality as well as history, geology, and governments while the 6th Triad relates to details – especially linear details such as the sequence of words, sentences, and pages of a book.  Because of the sequential nature of books and writing, they fall within the 6th Triad.  With the 10th Triad encompassing government as well as history, law books as well as any chronology (6th Triad) of history (10th Triad) would be a 6-10 combination. 

With the 6th Triad indicating writing and/or reading and the 10th Triad relating to reality, any 6-10 materials would relate primarily to non-fiction.  (The exception would be for anyone whose job is writing fiction.)  Typical 6-10 works might include biographies, books about geology, tomes of governmental laws and regulations.  Even small writing like road signs along a highway or printed forms for business or government fall within the 10-6 combination.  Overall, if the writing or reading is for a practical purpose, it fulfills the requirements of the 10-6/6-10 couplets.