5-9 Couplet

  • 5-9 or 9-5 Couplet: Freedom and expansion is symbolized by the 9th Triad while sports, games, and public displays are brought forth with the 5th Triad.  Combined, they imply worldwide games.  The Olympics would be a good example.  But any outdoor adventure for fun would fit – hiking, biking, bird watching, fishing, skiing, etc.  Any ‘outdoor sport’ falls within the 9-5 couplet.

DHARMA: Fresh air and exercise is always healthy and dharmic, and outdoor activities exemplify this.  The 9th Triad also includes knowledge which is dharmic.  Having fun while learning would be a classic ‘5-9’ endeavor.  Traveling to new places and new countries for fun also exemplifies the 9-5 couplet.  Just ‘flying for fun’ is a reading of the 9-5 combination.  All of these enrich our lives, exhilarate us, and bring learning experiences which fall within the realm of dharma.

KARMA: There is a tendency for the 5th Triad to be boastful, and the 9th Triad can be aloof.  Putting these together suggests someone who is boastful or flaunts education and knowledge, or someone who gives the impression of being aloof and above others (snobbery).  Derisive slurs for rural people would also be 5-9/9-5 flaws – hick, country bumpkin, etc.

PHRASES:  With the 5th Triad relating to children, terms like farm-boy or cowgirl fit the 5-9/9-5 combination.  Any show of nature would be included – livestock show, floral show, etc.  Since the 9th Triad includes aircraft, an air show (9-5) would be included.  Acknowledging the commercial facet of the 5th Triad, any sales banner or other marketing gimmick using aircraft (planes, blimps, hot air balloons, etc.) would also satisfy the 5-9/9-5 combination (advertising in the atmosphere).