5-8 Couplet

  • 5-8 or 8-5 Couplet: The 8th Triad is always powerful and frequently physical.  And again, the 5th Triad is public display.

DHARMA: The most dharmic aspect of the 5-8/8-5 combination is physical exercise and physical sports.  These contribute to overall health, longevity, and fitness.  Through personal fitness and health we are able to perform other activities directed toward helping each other, bonding with others, and attaining spiritual growth.  Since the 5th Triad includes children, sacrificing yourself for the benefit of your children is also dharmic.

KARMA: Karmic examples of 5-8/8-5 failures include threats/bullying (extortion, blackmail, etc.) and sexual harassment.  Being boastful (5th Triad) of physical attributes (8th Triad) would be karmic.  Publicly revealing sexual attributes (such as pornography) would be karmic.  Even alluring fashion which flaunts sexual cues (hairy chest, cleavage, skin tight apparel, etc.) would be a 5-8/8-5 karmic flaw. 

Of course, it is well known that ‘sex sells’ (8-5).  But earning money that way (especially prostitution and sex shows) accumulates karma.  Even using sexual cues and sexual allure to sell products will likely draw karma.

Finally, sacrificing your children, in some manner, for personal benefit is karmic.  Incest and sexual abuse of children is also karmic.

PHRASES: With the 5th Triad often associated with sales and marketing, a physical display (8-5 couplet) would be things like billboards, in-store product displays, mannequins, live models, etc.  Since a physical display can also be a demonstration, a test drive of a car or watching a working model of a product would be included herein.  Such demonstrations could also be within television commercials.  Sports mascots would fall within the 5-8/8-5 combination, too, since a sport is a game (5th Triad) and the mascot is usually some physically imposing or threatening creature (8th Triad) such as lions, bears, and tigers.

The 5-8 would also include ‘displaying the dead’ as in a deceased official ‘lying in state’.  And Halloween must be included, too.  It is generally considered a ‘fun’ celebration (5th Triad) and incorporates symbols of ‘death’ (ghosts, graveyards, ghouls, and skeletons – all facets of the 8th Triad).  Plus, Halloween is often celebrated by children (5th Triad).    

With its nickname of ‘the volcano’, the 8th Triad includes explosives.  Adding the theatrics of the 5th Triad, you suddenly have a fireworks display.

Other mundane descriptions for 5-8/8-5 couplets are selling insurance, selling grave sites, selling explosives, a demolition derby, and a surgical demonstration.