5-7 Couplet

  • 5-7 or 7-5 Couplet: Bringing the artistic 7th Triad together with the public 5th Triad creates a public display of the arts (music, dance, paintings, sculpture, etc.).

DHARMA: Presenting artistry to the public is dharmic, and the 5-7 couplet says that.  Expressing artistry is also a reading of the 5-7 couplet.  And it is important that we express ourselves.  With the 7th Triad, the expressions would likely be moral and/or ethical.  Expressing moral and ethical ideas which align with the Golden Rule would certainly be dharmic.

KARMA: Certainly, any public display or expression that is immoral or unethical is karmic.  And the Golden Rule is the criterion for judging such.  Anything that is well organized and publicly presented, but is NOT beneficial for the public would be karmic.  These would also be found within karmic descriptions from 5-12/12-5 couplets (false advertising, fraud, propaganda, etc.).

PHRASES: Examples of the 7-5/5-7 combination include: art show, beauty pageant, store window displays, graphic advertising, a beautiful salesperson (male or female), well organized marketing campaign, well organized sports, beautiful theater production, beautiful children, etc.  The key is meticulous and exacting organization and preparation (7th Triad) of something presented to the public (5th Triad).  Though mass media is the common connotation for public display’, it can be an everyday, common person – even a nice looking lemonade stand run by a child near the street curb.  The sale of a product as well as the child both fall within the 5th Triad.  And ice cold lemonade on a hot Summer day looks very attractive (7th Triad) to passersby.

Finally, the 5th Triad includes ‘fun’ and enjoyment, so the 7-5 says ‘art is fun’ and the 5-7 says ‘I enjoy art’.  ‘Art’, though, can be any artistic or craft endeavor – music, sculpting, redecorating, painting, gardening, culinary arts, cabinetry, sewing, etc.  However, the 7th Triad indicates that the fun is in the placement and organizing.  Enjoyment of being creative would be a 5-11/11-5 combination.