5-5 Couplet

  • 5-5 Couplet: The 5th Triad is symbolized by the Sun which glows and shows itself to the universe.  For each of us, we are to show our spiritual selves to the universe, too.  Skills, talents, ideas, courage, exuberance, joy, and the feeling of life are to be shown through each of us.  With the 5th Triad being exalted, these traits are magnified dramatically.

DHARMA: To reveal ourselves to others, to show off our abilities and ideas, we begin with courage.  The willingness to face risks is a dharmic trait.  Underneath this courage must be conviction and faith.  Creating spiritual conviction, faith, and courage is dharmic.  In general, having courage to express oneself is dharmic.  And the 5-5 couplet says just that – ‘courage to express’.  Additionally, the 5-5 means ‘expressing exuberance’.  Having a joyful demeanor is physically beneficial and dharmic.

KARMA: Showing off for self aggrandizement is a useless endeavor and is karmic.  A bloated self image or arrogance is also karmic.  The exalted 5th can sometimes deteriorate into these flawed behaviors.