5-12 Couplet

  • 5-12 or 12-5 Couplet: There maybe something shown or displayed with the 5th Triad, but the 12th Triad says that something is hidden, too.

DHARMA: The 12-5 reads as ‘spiritual enjoyment’.  The 5-12 can reads as ‘show spirituality’ or ‘expressing spiritual beliefs’.  This could be a sermon at church.  The 12-5 could also be a religious celebration (a ‘Holy Day’ or holiday).  Since the 12th Triad often implies secrecy or privacy, the 12-5 could be ‘silent prayer’ or a vocal prayer where no one else can hear it – perhaps while alone in some forest.

KARMA: The 5th Triad is associated with exuberance, courage, and the will to live.  But the 12th Triad negates this.  With the 5-12/12-5 combination, there is a lack of courage, a lack of confidence, a lack of energy, and even depression.  The 5-12/12-5 especially exemplifies Sharon Mann’s maxim of ‘laughing on the outside, crying on the inside’.

The other major negative (karmic) factor of the 5-12/12-5 couplets is enjoyment of stimulants (drugs and alcohol) which would suggest an addiction.  Any obsessive immersion into physicality like uncontrolled shopping (2nd Triad), obsessive gambling (5th Triad), gluttony (6th Triad), lechery (8th Triad), or stimulant use (12th Triad) are karmic.

Finally, the 12th Triad represents falsehood which, with the 5th Triad, can mean false advertising, fraud, and outright public lies.  Fake news and propaganda would be examples.

PHRASES: The 5-12/12-5 couplets are most obvious with advertising of liquid products – milk, juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, gasoline, lotions, liquid detergents, shampoos, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Because the 5th Triad represents ‘fun’, adding the 12th Triad of liquids suggests swimming, snorkeling, or even scuba diving.  Other water activities work, too – sailing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.  And frozen water must be acknowledged which presents other sports – snow skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc. 

The 5th Triad encompasses fame, too.  A famous religious figure, minister, or televangelist fits the 5-12 couplet; examples are Norman Vincent Peale, Joel Osteen, Robert Harold Schuller, and the Catholic Pope (presently Pope Francis).  Famous musicians and singers fit, too, like Franz Liszt, Jascha Heifetz, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, etc.  Even famous physicians fit – Dr. Benjamin Carson (neurosurgeon and political candidate), Dr. Oz (television host Mehmet Cengiz Öz, MD), Dr. Benjamin M. Spock (best selling pediatrician), Dr. Aaron T. Beck (father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), etc.