5-11 Couplet

5-11 or 11-5 Couplet: The 11th Triad is unpredictable and diverse as are groups of people which it incorporates.  Flexibility, adaptability, and creativity are also 11th Triad traits.  Bringing these energies together, we get diversity, flexibility, creativity, and diversity with social groups.  Meanwhile, the 5th Triad introduces theatrics, lively displays, and fun.  Finally, the 5th and 11th Triads are natural complements to each other.  Our innate spiritual essence demands that we express ourselves, that we exhibit our individual uniqueness.  But we must see and appreciate the uniqueness in others, too.  We may seek ‘center stage’, but we must also spend time as part of the audience and learn from others.  The 5th Triad is the stage upon which we project our uniqueness.  The 11th Triad represents the audience from where we learn and appreciate others.

DHARMA: Creativity is at the heart of adapting to an ever-changing environment.  By enhancing our flexibility and our ability to adapt, we enhance our social skills and become approachable, by projecting an aura of friendliness.  If the Golden Rule is all about treating each other equally, then at its foundation, the Golden Rule is a social rule.  And if we are immersed in a world to improve our social skills, friendliness is the lubricant for harmonious relationships.  Showing friendliness (5-11) is the epitome of the Golden Rule and dharmic. 

With the enjoyment factor of the 5th Triad, the 5-11/11-5 combination becomes ‘fun being creative’.  It also reads as ‘having fun with friends’.

KARMA: The egregious failure of the 11th Triad is its wildness.  Adding the 5th Triad says ‘showing wildness’.  Though the idea of a ‘wild show’ (11-5) may not seem to evoke fear, true wildness is uncontrolled and unpredictable like a wildfire or tornado.  With the wildness and unpredictable nature of such events, suddenly, the apparition of death appears, and real fear and terror ensues.  Purposefully producing such fear and terror in others is karmic.

PHRASES: Phrases include unusual courage, fireworks, circuses, storytelling (creative stories), and electric signs (advertising).  Parades particularly typify 5-11/11-5 couplets.  First, they are a diverse representation of people.  Next, they include floats and costumes – many of which are creative & eclectic.  And the parading is a dynamic, marching display which represents continuous ‘change’, the heart of the 11th Triad.