5-10 Couplet

  • 5-10 or 10-5 Couplet: Combining the 5th Triad (to show) with the 10th Triad (practical) creates ‘practical show’.

DHARMA: Perhaps the most important of all social activities is teaching others about the world within which we live.  Above all else, the 5-10/10-5 combination means ‘to teach’ which is a ‘show’ about ‘reality’.  Educational institutions are intended to pass along useful and practical knowledge from generation to generation, and ‘teaching’ embraces this in spirit and in use.

But teaching also fits sales presentations where the practical use (10th Triad) of a product or service is shown or demonstrated (5th Triad) to a potential customer.  Even at work, the term ‘on-the-job’ training indicates teaching.  Learning about our family history and traditions from our parents and relatives is a form of teaching, too.  Teaching goes far beyond the classroom.  And all forms of teaching are dharmic as long as they benefit everyone involved – especially in growing spiritually and embracing the Golden Rule.

KARMA: The flaw of the 5th Triad is mostly being boastful while the flaw of the 10th Triad is being too rigid (inflexible) and authoritarian (controlling).  Putting these together, you can have a dictator – major karma.

PHRASES: 5-10/10-5 couplets can include historical shows (theater, reenactments, etc.), castle tours, stories told by the elderly, museums, etc.  The 5-10/10-5 combination suggests that the person has fun at work – that he or she enjoys working.  It also says that the laws of nature are fun, or in other words, science is fun.

Sharon Mann used to describe 10th Triad people as ‘being old when they are young, and young when they are old’.  This Sharonism comes from the 10th Triad meaning historical or old and the 5th Triad as meaning ‘childlike’.  The 10-5 would be read as ‘old-young’ while the 5-10 would read as ‘young-old’.  With either couplet, it must be read both ways: old-young and young-old.  Basically, such people seem mature beyond their years when they are young.  But they make up for it in their senior years when they still have youthful exuberance.