4-9 Couplet

  • 4-9 or 9-4 Couplet: The 9th Triad embraces largesse.  It encompasses Nature and the great outdoors.  With the 9th Triad’s emphasis on knowledge, this may be knowledge about land or real estate – even the building trades.  The 9th Triad is also casual and relaxed.  And the 4-9/9-4 implies being emotionally relaxed. 

Adding the 4th Triad of home and emotions, this person is ‘at home’ in the outdoors.  The 4-9 says ‘home is in Nature’.  The person is comfortable being in Nature.  And the person’s physical home may very well be in a rural area – out in the country.  In fact, the home may be in a foreign country.  The 9-4 suggests a ‘big home’ or ‘lots of land’.  This could mean a farm house, a campsite, or even someone who is homeless and living out in nature.  The person might also live in a foreign country.

Looking at the safety and protection aspects of the 4th Triad, and remembering the strategic perspective of the 9th Triad, the 4-9/9-4 may indicate ‘strategic defense’.  On a small scale, this could be a barbed wire fence around the perimeter of a ranch or farm.  With the emphasis on education from the 9th Triad, the 4-9 can mean ‘home schooled’.

DHARMA: The 9th Triad includes higher education and knowledge.  With the addition of the 4th Triad, this individual feels safest and most comfortable by learning and having knowledge.  Gaining knowledge is always dharmic.  But having knowledge of emotions and knowing how and when to be sensitive is even more dharmic; this is also a 9-4 couplet.

KARMA: The greatest weakness of the 9th Triad is being aloof, being distant, or being emotionally detached.  Adding the 4th Triad of emotions and home, the person is detached from emotions as well as from home.  This detachment could also be for his or her own mother.  Possibly, the detachment is from other women, too.  If we are to care about each other, being ‘detached’ or ‘distant’ from anyone is not good.

Perhaps another karmic issue is either having ‘big emotions’ or ‘unrestrained emotions’.  Emotions are inevitable, but not being in control of our emotional displays is karmic.

PHRASES: A college or university would fall within the realm of 9-4 (educational building).  Using the interpretation of the 4th Triad relating to land, the 9-4 could be a ‘nature preserve’.

As an aside, though we do not have much supporting evidence, Sharon Mann used the distancing of the 9th Triad to indicate a grandparent.  So, a 9-4 couplet could be read as ‘grandmother’.