4-8 Couplet

  • 4-8 or 8-4 Couplet: The 8th Triad is always powerful and tends to be physical.  With the 4th Triad, it implies powerful women.

DHARMA: The physical care of a mother for a child is critical.  Nature/God has designed this relationship, and it is dharma of the highest order.  Since the 8th Triad also includes persistence and self sacrifice. The 4-8 can read as mother sacrificing herself for the care of others.

Another major facet of the 4th Triad is safety, and emotional safety is at the root of our beings.  With the 8th Triad’s tenacity and perseverance for investigation – tearing emotions apart in order to rebuild them is strongly suggested by the 4-8/8-4 couplets.  This would be a mental health professional like a psychotherapist.  Traditionally, a mother is the family therapist, but in modern times, trained professionals fulfill this role.  These would all be ‘powerful caring’ for others and would be dharmic.

Since the 8th Triad is tied to the idea of ‘power’, one last and potent interpretation of the 4-8 or 8-4 couplets is ‘empowering women’ or ‘women’s empowerment’.  This might be women gaining political power or becoming leaders in business or society. 

Obliquely, the 8th Triad can also present the idea of psychic ability.  If there is a couplet for ‘women’s intuition’, then the 4-8 or 8-4 couplets would be the most likely indicator.  But it could also suggest psychic ability for a sensitive man.  Essentially, the 4th Triad is all about sensitivity, and men can be sensitive, too.  The 8-4, without a gender implication, means: ‘powerful sensitivity’.  It could also be powerful emotion or powerful empathy. This could be deemed ‘a burning desire’.

KARMA: The difficulty for the 8th Triad is becoming too physical to the point of being abusive.  The 4-8 can mean ‘emotional abuse’.  The 8-4 can also say ‘abuse of women’.  The sexual nature of the 8th Triad also opens up issues of sexual harassment and pornography.  All of these are karmic.

The 8th Triad is explosive, and the 4th Triad is emotional, so explosive emotional arguments are a possibility with the volatile 4-8/8-4 couplets (‘powerful emotions’). PHRASES: The 4th Triad encompasses anything to do with real estate and homes while the 8th Triad implies tearing down and/or building (manufacturing).  The 4-8/8-4 can include home construction, home remodeling, home and real estate investments, and even building demolition.