4-7 Couplet

  • 4-7 or 7-4 Couplet: The 7th Triad is all about meticulous organization and planning.  The result can be something of great beauty, as perfection is sought.  Of course, the 4th Triad is all about emotions and protection.  Historically, beauty and grace have long been associated with women (4th Triad).  For a tall ship under full sail or a sleek new automobile, a rhetorical phrase often spoken is, “Isn’t she a beauty!” 

DHARMA: There is a beauty in our human feelings and emotions, and the 7-4 says, ‘beautiful feeling’.  It also says, ‘beautiful caring’ which is often found in paintings and songs.  Works of art and music literally bring harmony to the eyes and ears as well as to our thoughts.  These are the epitome of dharma.  But the 4th Triad also includes the home.  And though having a beautiful home is neither dharmic nor karmic, having a well organized home (a 7-4 couplet) is likely dharmic in that it benefits the entire family.  Finally, with the 7th Triad representing family and the 4th Triad relating to caring, it reads as ‘caring about family’.  Caring about family and others close to you is certainly dharmic.

KARMA: Perhaps the greatest weakness of the 4-7/7-4 is being ‘wishy-washy’ or not being able to make a decision (co-author Cici calls it ‘paralysis of analysis’).  With the 4th Triad involved, this is emotional paralysis – not being able to make a delicate emotional decision.  The person can get ‘frozen’ in indecision, and nothing will get done.  In a family setting, this could be due to a child not behaving, and the parents in a quandary about what to do.