4-6 Couplet

  • 4-6 or 6-4 Couplet: The 6th Triad includes necessities of living, like cooking and cleaning.  Meanwhile, the 4th Triad represents the home.  Combining the two says, ‘cooking and cleaning in the home’.  With the 6th Triad tied to writing, architectural blueprints for a home fit here.  To be sure, other necessities fall under the purview of the 6th Triad, like clothing, but all of these details associated with the 6th Triad are tied to the home with 4-6/6-4 couplets.

DHARMA: The 4-6 says ‘care about health’.  Cooking, cleaning, and clothing all relate to health, and the 4-6 encompasses all of those.  The reverse, 6-4, says ‘cleaning, cooking, and helping in the home’.  These, too, are dharmic.  But underneath it all is ‘helpful caring’ (6-4) and ‘care about helping’ (4-6).  Caring about health and helping others are certainly dharmic.  The epitome of this would be a nurse or someone’s mother. 

KARMA: The main downfall of the 6th Triad is worrying.  The 6-4/4-6 can be worrying about the home, worrying about ‘mother’, and emotional worrying which could deteriorate into depression.  This can result from being too sensitive to little issues – ‘making mountains out of mole hills’.  Often, worry results in jangled nerves, so an apropos phrase would be a ‘Nervous Nellie’.  But like a ‘drama queen’, a ‘Nervous Nellie’ is just as likely to be a man.

PHRASES: The 6th Triad encompasses writing, so health records, recipes, and other written materials such as instruction manuals would be included.  The 4th Triad includes protection and safety, so posted directions for fire escape paths, instructions on how to escape a flood, proper cooking temperatures, and other useful instructions would be included here.