4-5 Couplet

  • 4-5 or 5-4 Couplet: These couplets reveal expressing emotions rather than holding them inside.

DHARMA: Showing sympathy and empathy toward others is dharmic.  Being a friend to someone who needs a friend is spiritually beneficial to all.  To show caring and sensitivity is always dharmic.  Though this caring and empathy may certainly be expressed by a man, it is traditionally associated with mothers, and hence, a feminine expression.

Because we all need protection from the elements, a home or shelter is a necessity.  As a result, someone who shows and sells homes can be represented by the 5-4 couplet which must be deemed dharmic.

Having fun while nurturing and caring for others is another experience within the 4-5/5-4 couplets.  The nurturing and caring are certainly dharmic.  And to enjoy and have fun while doing it is an added blessing.

KARMA: On the downside, the 4-5/5-4 couplet is the classic ‘drama queen’.  But the problem is not truly gender specific.  Anyone – man or woman, can exhibit dramatic effusion of emotions and pathos.  The 5-4 couplet is a dramatic display of emotions, as is the 4-5 couplet.