4-4 Couplet

  • 4-4 Couplet: Nurturing, safety, protection, and comfort are emphasized with the 4th Triad being exalted. 

DHARMA: Safety and protection are essential for survival and are dharmic.  Nurturing provides these critical needs for others and is also dharmic.  Comfort may not seem as critical, but being comfortable enables us to fall asleep, and without sleep, we die. 

KARMA: The danger of the 4th Triad is becoming too safe and too comfortable.  Failure to embark outside and face risks to obtain critical resources, like food and water, is karmic.  Another danger of the 4th Triad is becoming overly protective, what Sharon Mann called, ‘mother/smother’.  Similar to being overly protective, being overly sensitive and ‘thin skinned’ is a karmic failure.