4-12 Couplet

  • 4-12 or 12-4 Couplet: As with all 12th Triad factors, the 4-12/12-4 couplets hold secretive or murky aspects.  These hidden facets might be either karmic or dharmic.

DHARMA: The highest dharma is hope, faith, and spirituality.  And with our premise that the foundation of our spirit is a vibration and musical, then music has spiritual aspects as well.  As we align to the spiritual traits of the Golden Rule and become harmonious with them, we are finding the highest form of dharma.  In the context of the 4th Triad, this harmonious existence is within our feelings, our emotions.  As we listen to beautiful music, our emotions are called upon to follow its passages.  And the words of a song that we attach to music may be far removed from the spiritual messages carried within the musical notes.  Having our emotions spiritually entwined with music is the highest manifestation of the 4-12/12-4 couplets.  It is dharmic, perhaps, above all other Earthly experiences.

Nurturing others by encouraging hope is another way to read the 4-12/12-4 couplets.  The idea of eternal life is a form of hope embraced within these.  Eternal life is ultimate protection and safety.  No matter how horrific life on Earth appears to be, the hope and faith of peaceful heaven and the protective, nurturing care of God gives us the strength to carry on and grapple with the challenges of life.  

KARMA: The 12th Triad holds a plethora of negative potentials.  Most grievous is lies and lying.  Lies are known only to the liar.  They are hidden from others.  Any form of deception either toward or by women is a 12-4/4-12 combination – lying to women or women telling lies.  Lying to or deceiving your mother is a 12-4 couplet.  Feigning emotions to deceive or manipulate others is karmic, too.  Exceptions would be for theatrical portrayals on stage or in movies where the plot and story depend upon such role playing.   

PHRASES: Perhaps the most frequent, though mundane result of the 4-12 couplet, is a house near water.  It could be a beachfront property or just in the vicinity of a river, a lake, an ocean, or periodic monsoon rains.  It could even be a home on water such as a houseboat or a cruise ship.  However, if the house is not near water, it could portend the house suffering problems from water damage or flooding.

Religious phrases for 4th/12th combinations include: spiritual home (one’s religion), spiritual building (church, temple, convent, etc.), and spiritual mother.

Any building or structure used for the storage, processing, or containment of liquids relates to a 4-12 couplet, too: dams, dikes, swimming pools, aquariums, water towers, oil storage tanks, etc.  And buildings for handling liquids or medical supplies are included: pharmaceutical plants, blood banks, effluents processing plant, oil refineries, etc.  Even buildings related to food production are included if liquids are involved in the manufacturing or processing: dairies, soft drink bottling, breweries, wineries, puddings, cakes, breads, deli or fresh salads, etc.  Any buildings selling such foods are included, too: restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and coffee shops are classic examples.

Finally, associations with the 4-12/12-4 couplets include institutions such as for the sick or for criminals: hospitals, prisons, sanitariums, etc.