4-11 Couplet

  • 4-11 or 11-4 Couplet: This individual moves a lot with many changes (11th Triad) in the home (4th Triad).  Possibly, this might be creativity within the home such as having a workshop or studio for crafts or art.  In fact, the 4-11 says that ‘mom is creative’ which would explain the arts and crafts in the home.

The 11th Triad, like the 9th Triad implies ‘detachment’.  And the 11-4 couplet can be read as ‘detached from mother’ such as being adopted or having a guardian. 

DHARMA: The 11th Triad always brings the idea of ‘flexibility’.  Adding the 4th Triad indicates ‘emotional flexibility’.  Though not a common phrase, it relates to someone who can ‘roll with the punches’ and overcome setbacks – especially setbacks that cause emotional hurt.  Life can be a ‘rocky road’, and our ability to overcome the obstacles and challenges are a key to survival and growth.  Having the ability to be flexible and to overcome emotional upsets is an important dharmic trait.

With the 4th Triad often relating to women and the 11th Triad relating to friends, the 4-11 couplet can literally be read as ‘girlfriends’.  It can also mean women’s social groups.  Underneath is the important idea of ‘friendships’ and working together as a team.  These ideas are traits of the 11th Triad.  We survive because we work together and support each other.  Friendships of any type are dharmic.  In the case of the 4-11 couplet, it suggests women’s friendships.

KARMA:  The 11th Triad can indicate a ‘roller coaster’, so the 11-4 would read as ‘roller coaster emotions’ or wild emotions.  Another karmic phrase would be ‘electric emotions’ where the individual has little or no control over emotional reactions to the events of life. In other words, emotions are spontaneous with no regard for their effects upon others nearby. Though powerful emotions need to be vented, choosing ‘how, when, and where’ to vent them is important. 

Another karmic indicator for men is ‘lots of women’ or ‘a variety of women’ which indicates unstable relationships with women.

PHRASES: The 11-4 could be a power station since the 11th Triad indicates technology and electricity while the 4th Triad would be a building. The 11-4 couplet could also imply technological protection such as burglar alarms, home security systems, electronic surveillance systems, etc.  

In regards to the population aspect of the 11th Triad, if you add the protective factor of the 4th Triad, then protecting the public is indicated.  The 11-4 couplet literally says ‘social security’.  With the 4th Triad representing ‘safety and protection’ and the 11th Triad encompassing social groups, a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ program fits the 4-11 couplet, too. 

And as with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive.

Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey