4-10 Couplet

  • 4-10 or 10-4 Couplet: The first thought that should always come to mind is Sharon Mann’s ‘work is home, home is work’.  This Sharonism means that the person only feels comfortable when working.  Basically, the security of the 4th Triad combined with having a job which is represented by the 10th Triad means that the person does not feel safe unless she or he has a job.  Without employment, the person feels insecure and stressed.  When the person is at the office or on the job, she or he is feeling comfortable and good. 

Often, this person has a need to be doing something productive all of the time.  As a result, he or she may bring work home, or the person looks for things to do around the home – cleanup, repairs, etc.  Relaxing and doing nothing can be difficult for someone with the 4-10 or 10-4 couplet. 

However, not everyone looks for something to keep him or her busy.  The other interpretation of the 10-4 is that taking care of a home is a chore.  There are cleaning and repairs, and it is unpleasant work.  Thus, caring for a home (4th Triad) is a responsibility and entails chores and work (10th Triad).  Once again, the phrase ‘work is home, and home is work’ is apt. 

The 10th Triad also indicates a career.  Combined with the 4th Triad, possibilities include real estate, the building trades, even psychology since the 4th Triad rules the emotions and the psyche. 

Yet, the 4th Triad is fundamentally about protection.  That is what a home provides: shelter from the elements and from intrusion by others.  As a result, another major career related to the 4th Triad is security systems – locks, alarms, fences, guard dogs, etc.  Anything used for protection would be a 10-4 career field.

The next idea for the 10-4 couplet would be ‘role reversal of the parents.  Feminine energy is represented by the 4th Triad.  Meanwhile, masculine energy is represented by the 10th Triad.  Where a father has traditionally been considered the disciplinarian in a family, the 4-10/10-4 suggests that the mother has become the disciplinarian.  (“Mom is strict.”  “Mom’s the boss.”) 

Another traditional role for men is having a career and being the ‘breadwinner’.  With the 4-10/10-4 role reversal, the mother has a job and earns money.  The 4-10 couplet reads as ‘mom works’.  Not only does she work, but she might be the ‘boss’ at work’.  Finally, the 4th and 10th Triads are natural complements to each other.  The 10th Triad pays homage to our need to work in order to survive – find food, find shelter, etc.  But we must also rest or we will die.  Resting, being safe, protected, and nurturing ourselves is the function of the 4th Triad.  We must work (10th), but we must rest, too (4th).

Also with the reversal, feminine traits are now exhibited by the father.  He is sensitive and nurturing.  He may still have a career, but ‘mom rules the roost’.  And the mother will have a stronger impact upon the family than the father.

With the practical, methodical, and efficient traits of the 10th Triad, these are transferred to the home.  A 10-4 home is not ostentatious.  It is practical, functional, and provides the essentials for living and safety. 

Because the 10th Triad relates to traditions and history, the 10-4 couplet could mean that the home is an older or historic home. 

DHARMA: Strictness is demanded by the laws of God/Nature.  And strictness is not a punishment, but an important training in life enabling us to succeed and survive.  One of the great failures seen over and over again is people with wild emotions, effusive emotions, and overwhelming emotions.  The 4-10/10-4 couplets are intended to control emotional outbursts.  As a result, people with 4-10/10-4 couplets keep negative feelings to themselves.  They may readily express joy, but when troubled, they usually wear a ‘poker face’.  They are considered ‘reserved’.  10-4 means ‘controlled emotions’.  And controlling emotions means choosing when and where to express them. 

KARMA: If emotional control is earmarked as a problem, then too much or too little emotional control has occurred in a prior life.  But complete suppression of emotions distorts a person’s existence.  We must feel.  But uncontrolled emotional outbursts are karmic.  Uncontrolled outbursts are a destructive behavior that leads to dysfunctional relationships as well as the disruption of coordinated plans.  

The 4-10/10-4 couplets also suggest an attempt to control women.  No one should be subjected to excessive control or manipulation by others.  Again, the Golden Rule should be the guide. 

PHRASES: Other ideas which readily come to mind include: historical site, a mine, government building, etc.  Using the interpretation of the 4th Triad relating to land, the 10-4 could be government land or even a national park.