3-9 Couplet

  • 3-9 or 9-3 Couplet: The 3rd Triad represents movement and travel, and the 9th represents ‘far away’.  Together they say ‘traveling far away’ which could be a foreign country.  With that, the 3-9/9-3 can mean speaking a foreign language.  The 9th Triad incorporates knowledge and education, too, so a conversation (3rd) might be ‘talks about knowledge’.  Finally, the 3rd and 9th Triads are natural complements to each other.  Where the 3rd Triad is aware of the immediate surroundings (local knowledge), the 9th Triad has a larger and even global perspective (global knowledge).  To make decisions and to act locally, effectiveness depends upon where you ultimately want to go which requires a global perspective. 

DHARMA: Sharing knowledge, verbally or not, is always dharmic as long as the ideas are beneficial to all.  Traveling to learn and expand knowledge is also a dharmic activity.  More often than not, the strategic trait of the 9th becomes a topic of conversation – discussing strategy.  Philosophical discussions, strategic discussions, talking about travel, and speaking a foreign language all fall within the 3-9/9-3 couplets.

KARMA: The weakness of the 9th Triad is being sloppy with details.  A conversation might be too general and critical details would be ignored.  The 3rd Triad contributes to this by wanting to act quickly.  The result is a superficial communication – too fast and not detailed enough which creates problems in the future and is, thus, karmic.  Being aloof is another flaw of the 9th Triad, and purposefully keeping a conversation at a level beyond the comprehension of the listener is karmic.  Aloofness is akin to detachment, and a conversation may be ineffective if one of the participants is bored and ‘detached’ from the discussion.  Finally, a conversation may fail because of the 9th Triad tendency to procrastinate – “I’ll do it later.”  If any action is scheduled, rather than arbitrarily being put off, then it is no longer procrastination.  

PHRASES: Communication in the air would include skywriting (9-3).  But most airborne displays are marketing oriented and would exemplify 5-9/9-5 combinations.