3-8 Couplet

  • 3-8 or 8-3 Couplet: Since the 8th Triad includes being powerful physically, the addition of the 3rd Triad strongly suggests physical prowess using the hands and limbs.  Thus, sports with running or climbing (football & mountaineering), jobs with heavy lifting (movers & miners), and heavy exercise (pumping iron in a gym) all exhibit the traits of the 3-8/8-3 couplets.

DHARMA: Being physically fit is certainly dharmic.  Talking about exercise and physical activities are certainly beneficial, too.  And the actual physical activities themselves, using eye-hand coordination and the limbs, is dharmic.

KARMA: To focus on physical activities at the expense of developing spiritual growth (skills and service to others) is a misdirection and karmic.  The 3-8/8-3 couplets can also mean verbal abuse and verbal threats (bullying) which are both karmic.  Since the 8th Triad includes sexual activity, the 3-8/8-3 can mean verbal and even physical sexual harassment (the 3rd Triad rules the hands).

PHRASES: Talking about deceased people would be a 3-8 circumstance.  Thus, eulogies and memorial services would be examples of 3-8 activities.  However, telling ‘ghost stories’ would also be a 3-8 activity as would be ‘channeling the dead’.