3-7 Couplet

  • 3-7 or 7-3 Couplet: The 7th Triad organizes things harmoniously.  Adding the 3rd Triad to the 7th Triad brings doing things with family, as well as talking with family, into the couplet.

DHARMA: All things brought together in harmony are beautiful and dharmic.  For spoken words, it can be a poem or lyrics to a song – beautiful words.  For motion, it can be dance – especially ballet or other graceful movements.  It would be ‘beauty in motion’.  For automobiles and other 3rd Triad items like mobile phones, the 3-7/7-3 would be considered ‘styling’ – graceful and appealing designs with attractive color schemes.   

KARMA: A misuse of the 3-7/7-3 energies would be either excess or a lack of design.  Words that seem appealing yet distort truth and beauty would also be karmic.  An example would be propaganda or slander.  Words might be beautifully said, but malicious intent would be karmic.  Another flaw is being too critical.  The 7th Triad strives for perfection, but vocalizing displeasure (3rd) for failing to achieve perfection is karmic.