3-6 Couplet

  • 3-6 or 6-3 Couplet: Writing and handling details is prescribed by the 6th Triad.  Necessities for maintaining life and health fall within these, too – cooking, cleaning, exercise, etc.  Within these are the mechanics of ‘how things work’, putting things together, recipes, instructions, user guides, BOMs (bill of materials), sheet music, blueprints, etc.  Overall, something in written form is likely involved.  Though the 9th Triad is the natural complement for the 3rd Triad, the 6th becomes involved because it and the 3rd Triad are ruled by the same planet – Mercury.

Adding the 3rd Triad brings talking and eye-hand coordination into the activities as well as graphics (maps, schematics, pictures, etc.).  Verbally (3rd) explaining written procedures (6th) in a manual to a new hire would be an example.  Even short driving trips (3rd) come into play such as taking letters (6th) to the post office.  An author of a book having speaking engagements fits here, too.

DHARMA: As long as the results of 3-6/6-3 activities benefit others as well as self, the activities are dharmic.  It is often useful for people to have a ‘hands-on’ experience with complex equipment or difficult procedures, and a teacher verbally (3rd) helping (6th) someone learn such procedures is beneficial for them.

KARMA: Just as a failure to speak when words are needed is karmic, so is the failure to write down important things for others and for posterity.  Spoken words have an ephemeral lifespan while written words can last millennia.  Words and information, which truly should be in both written and verbal form but are not, becomes karma.  A karmic indicator in a chart says that one or both forms of important knowledge is missing.  Since the 3rd Triad represents a triune group of verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic information, the failure could be four-fold. 

PHRASES: With the 3rd Triad representing the hand, and the 6th Triad representing writing, together they say ‘hand writing’.  They also say ‘typing’ such as texting or using a keyboard to write.  Even email itself exhibits the traits of the 3-5/5-3 couplets.  Software tools that translate spoken words into writing would also be included herein, as well as optical character recognition (OCR).