3-5 Couplet

  • 3-5 or 5-3 Couplet: The 5th Triad is all about expressing and showing.  With the 3rd Triad as the counterpart, it relates to talking and moving about locally.

DHARMA: Each of us has God-given gifts, skills, and talents.  These were given to us to share with others.  We were born to express ourselves – to express our unique gifts, our feelings, our perceptions, our enjoyments, even our beliefs.  These unique gifts and skills are often expressed verbally which is the essence of the 3-5/5-3 couplets.  If you have a product or service that makes life better for others, you need to tell them – even sell them.  And the 3-5 says ‘verbally sell’ them.  The 5-3 also says ‘sell by doing’ such as demonstrating a product.  With the eye-hand aspect of the 3rd Triad, visual selling is included with the 3-5 combination including television commercials, magazine ads, billboards, and more. 

But the 3-5/5-3 goes far beyond commercial presentations.  The 5th Triad is all about having fun, playing games, and being entertained.  So, sports fall within the realm of the 5th Triad, and any sports with running, jumping, or driving are encompassed within the 3-5/5-3 combination.  Basically, all Olympic sports fall within this combination. 

Finally, the 3-5/5-3 couplets mean ‘having fun talking’.  Sharing ideas and experiences is one of the cornerstones of building friendships and learning from each other.  Expanding our friendships, learning, and growing in love for each other are always dharmic.  As long as such activities are beneficial to all participants and spectators, 3-5/5-3 combinations are dharmic. 

KARMA: The worst 3-5/5-3 examples are boastful or arrogant expressions.  Taunts and other aggressive words intended to frighten or intimidate others are karmic.  Sports and games which are harmful or life-threatening are karmic.  Publicly humiliating others is karmic.  Driving aggressively (even tailgating on the highway) is karmic.  The other major karmic area is a failure of courage – a failure to act when needed, a failure to speak when needed, a failure to take risks when others are endangered.

PHRASES: The 3rd Triad primarily relates to talking, so telemarketing and carnival barkers would be other examples of the 3-5/5-3 combination.  With the 3rd Triad related to vehicles as well as mail delivery, and the 5th Triad encompassing sales and marketing, the 3-5/5-3 can imply marketing by mail (catalogs, flyers, etc.) as well as advertising on vehicles such as placards on busses and taxis.  Simply advertising any type of vehicle in a magazine or on television exemplifies the 3-5/5-3 couplets – selling cars and trucks.