3-4 Couplet

  • 3-4 or 4-3 Couplet: The 4th Triad is all about caring and nurturing self and others.  It also relates to being sensitive to the needs of self and others.  Underneath is the 4th Triad’s focus upon safety and comfort.  Adding the 3rd Triad brings in the ideas of talking and moving – talking about safety, driving safely, etc.

DHARMA: Being sensitive to the needs of others as well as their feelings is at the heart of the Golden Rule.  When we truly care about each other, then living and working together becomes optimal which heightens our sense of well-being and satisfaction in life.  And with the 3-4 and 4-3 couplets, sensitivity now infuses talking and communicating; we talk sensitively and in a caring manner.  We drive our vehicles ‘carefully’.

KARMA:  The easiest way to find karma for any couplet is by preceding either referenced triad with the word ‘not’:  “Not comforting others.”  “Not being sensitive to others.”  “Not protecting ourselves or others.” 

The 3rd Triad also brings forth moving and talking.  And the idea of ‘not caring’ also translates into ‘careless’.  Gossip reveals careless and insensitive conversation.  And driving carelessly often proves fatal.  All of these reveal karmic issues.

PHRASES: The 4th Triad is about emotions, and the 3rd is about talking.  Combined, they say ‘emotional talking’ or ‘talking emotionally’ which we usually interpret as ‘speaking passionately’.  With the 3-4 couplet, the person speaks passionately about something.  But the 4th Triad also represents sensitivity, 30 the 3-4 couplet could also be ‘speaking sensitively’.