3-3 Couplet

  • 3-3 Couplet: When a triad is doubled, it is exalted, and the traits are emphasized or magnified.  The primary trait of the 3rd Triad is communication – especially verbal communication.  But it also includes all interactions with the local environment (your room, your house, or even your town).  Lastly, there is a sense of quickness about the 3rd Triad.  And rightly or wrongly, people look at someone with a quick mind as being smart; quick mindedness is seen as a mark of intelligence.  And because of this quick mindedness, people with 3rd Triad traits are often able to do two or more things at once; they can ‘multitask’. 

By becoming exalted, it becomes a mixture of multiple 3rd Triad attributes.  For example, it could be talking (3rd) about automobiles (3rd).  It could be driving (3rd) to buy a mobile phone (3rd).  And it could be typing (3rd) on a computer keyboard (3rd).

Finally, the 3rd Triad represents all three types of learning – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (tactile).  Sharing ideas in all three forms is ideal.

DHARMA: Certainly, acting quickly is beneficial in accomplishing tasks as well as multitasking.  But dharma is heightened only through tasks beneficial to the growth of self and others.  Helping others, teaching others, performing tasks for the benefit of others are all examples of dharmic activities of the 3rd Triad.

KARMA: The primary failure for the 3rd Triad is being too quick or too slow.  If you talk too fast, your listener, who is trying to process and store your ideas, can become lost and lose focus.  With that, the communication fails.  The other extreme of too slow fails by boring your listener who, then, wanders off.  The issue of too fast or too slow also happens with driving a vehicle.  As they say, “Speed Kills.”  This issue of speed comes into sports, too – especially team sports.  Not moving quickly enough physically can cause a team to lose a game.