3-12 Couplet

  • 3-12 or 12-3 Couplet: The classic interpretation of the 12-3 is ‘preaching’ which can be either good or bad.  The reverse, 3-12, is ‘speaking spiritually’ such as in prayer.  It can also be the verbal recitation of scriptures.  Regarding movement (3rd Triad), the 3-12/12-3 couplets can mean ‘moving spiritually’ or ‘spiritual movement’ which might be Tai Chi or Qigong.

    The 3rd Triad brings in both local movement (and modes of transportation) as well as talking.  The 12th Triad also brings in liquids of any sort as well as mysterious or hidden or unclear things (murky).  Talking about dreams or the mind or even fantasies are all 3-12/12-3 examples.  Performing magic also falls within this couplet.  Talking about fantasies, dreams, spirituality, secrets, magic, all fall within the 3-12/12-3 couplet.  Since the 12th Triad rules liquids, talking about cooking or wine or blood or any other liquid is a 3-12/12-3 couplet (gasoline, effluents, ink, oceans, drugs, etc.).  A jet ski or a row boat all fit the 3-12/12-3 couplet (local movement in water).  Large boats, such as ocean going ships, would more likely be a 9/12 couplet (expansive travel on water) or a 9/3 couplet (global transportation).

DHARMA: An verbalization of religious or spiritual text is generally dharmic.  Communicating spiritual or religious truths is beneficial for spiritual growth. 

The 3-12/12-3 couplets can also mean ‘speaking privately’ or secretly.  Prayer is often done in private.  If a reprimand of an employee is necessary, it should be done privately, too.  Of course, any and all confidences should be hidden from others and kept private.  These are all dharmic.

KARMA: The greatest failure of the 12th Triad is to lie which the 3-12 signifies – ‘speaking falsely’.  Spreading lies can include sharing gossip and rumors.  Regarding motion, the 3-12 can mean DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  For that matter, the 12-3 can mean ‘drunken speech’.