3-11 Couplet

  • 3-11 or 11-3 Couplet: The 11th Triad resists all forms of control and rigidity.  It is as free as strokes of lightning.  It is flexible, creative, and innovative.  It represents diversity which can be found within any sized population – large or small.  Thus, it is ‘social’ and ‘electric’.  And just like the branches of lightning that split off in multiple directions creating a network, social groups branch off into networks as well. 

DHARMA: It is the social networks, our circle of friends, which is most dharmic.  We survive by being connected socially – participating in social groups and social networks.  This has gone back through our species and other species for hundreds of millions of years.  We depend upon each other.  And our lives are enhanced by being with each other.

For other dharmic activities, the 3-11/11-3 couplets can mean chatting with friends.  It can even represent ‘creative talking’ which could be poetry.  Of course, it can also mean ‘unusual talking’ or ‘surprising talk’ which would be humor.  Humorists and stand-up comics are likely to have the 3-11/11-3 combination in their charts.  Humor, poetry, and chatting with friends are all dharmic as long as everyone benefits from it.

KARMA: The great failure of the 11th Triad is either being scattered or being on a ‘roller coaster’ (too many changes).  Recalling the 3rd Triad’s weakness of being too quick or trying to handle multiple things at the same time (the ‘juggler’), the 3-11/11-3 couplet fails with too many things, making too many changes, and all of it happening too fast.  Many or all of the tasks are left either uncompleted or poorly done.  Though our computers seem to survive this seeming chaos, we typically fail under such demands.  Trying to be too fast and too flexible is a recipe for failure and karma. 

PHRASES: The 3-11/11-3 couplets combine communication (3rd) with electricity (11th).  Primarily, they represent computers, the internet, and telecommunications (‘electronic, digital communication’).  Even our brains and their neurons can be described as being electronic, digital equipment.  In all of these cases, the electrical components are networked together.  But the 3-11/11-3 couplets include any and all types of technology as well as talking about technology or physically manipulating it. Even a horse running wild is a ‘3-11’ couplet.  And an image of a crowd is a ‘3-11’ couplet.  Other phrases incorporating the 3-11/11-3 couplet include: talking wildly, crazy talk, and wild or crazy driving.  Though we have no evidence as of yet, if there is a couplet for ‘sign language’, the 3-11/11-3 combination would likely be it (‘creative communication with the hands’).