3-10 Couplet

  • 3-10 or 10-3 Couplet: The 10th Triad is founded in control and the 3rd Triad is about communication.  Combined, they say ‘controlled communication’.  But the 10th Triad also implies being methodical and practical.  And the 3rd Triad usually implies verbal communication.  So the combination would now be ‘practical talk’ such as talking about a task at hand – maybe how to do it.  This extends to business communication, too, of any sort – business reports, business mail, standard operating procedures, etc.   

Since the 3rd Triad also includes movement and travel, the 10-3 can mean a practical means of going somewhere.  It could be walking or driving since both fall within the purview of the 3rd Triad.  Another demand of the 10th Triad is being efficient.  Efficiency is being practical.  So, minimizing physical labor and not wasting resources falls within the 10th Triad. 

Another part of life under the 10th Triad umbrella is ‘government’.  Having a means to run a nation is practical.  And government laws provide a methodology for running a nation.  With this twist, the 10-3 can mean government communication such as the postal service and mail truck.

Because government traffic laws control traffic, traffic lights and traffic signs also fall within the 10-3 couplet.  Though the 3rd Triad tends toward speed, the restrictive 10th Triad slows and controls it.  Thus, speed limit signs are especially manifestations of the 10-3 couplet.

DHARMA: Talking about practical methods and having efficient systems are essential for our survival and well-being.  Conversations of such are dharmic.  And using practical and efficient methods to manipulate our immediate surroundings is also dharmic.

With the tendency of the 3rd Triad to favor verbal communication, the 10th Triad exerts the need to control what is said.  It should be practical and beneficial.

KARMA: Any and all flaws with the 3-10/10-3 couplets are either related to speed (3rd Triad) or rigidity (10th Triad).  Rigidity hinders (or blocks) movement, so the 10th Triad tends to inhibit the 3rd Triad.  Yet, there must be some flexibility to accommodate the fundamental law of the universe – change.  Movements which are too fast tend to disrupt the structures we rely upon, so the 3rd and 10th Triads are often at odds with each other.  The phrase for this ‘3-10’ malady is ‘running into a brick wall’.  When ‘too fast’ runs into ‘too rigid’, trouble ensues.  A ‘happy medium’ must be sought, and failure to do so is karmic. 

If the 3-10/10-3 couplets are tied to karma, it implies that verbal communication was not controlled.  With sensitive information (personal information, corporate secrets, government classified information), sharing it can cause serious damage to others if not handled carefully.

PHRASES: The phrase ‘work smart, not hard’ is often heard.  And the 10-3 says ‘work smart’.