2-9 Couplet

  • 2-9 or 9-2 Couplet: The 2-9 couplet says ‘love freedom’ as well as ‘love knowledge’. 

DHARMA: The 2-9/9-2 couplet reads as ‘love of knowledge’ which is generally dharmic.  To see the ‘big picture’, or the ‘grand scheme of things’, is also dharmic.  This is strategic knowledge.

KARMA: As a general rule, the 9th Triad implies being ‘detached’ or being a ‘loner’ which is karmic.  Another weakness of the 2-9 is ‘loves being lazy’ or ‘loves to procrastinate’.  These are both karmic.  With the 9th Triad’s focus upon knowledge, having knowledge that is beneficial to others, but not sharing it, is a misuse and karmic. 

Though the 9th Triad implies ‘hugeness’, or ‘expansiveness’, the temptation of the 9-2 couplet to think, ‘big money’ rarely happens.  Because the 9th Triad can also be careless and detached, the 2-9/9-2 combination can mean ‘easy come, easy go’.  In fact, with the idea of ‘detachment’, the 9-2 can easily mean ‘detached from money’.  In other words, the person does not care about money or wealth.

Finally, Sharon Mann always referred to Jupiter (ruler of the 9th Triad) as a ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’.  Wherever it showed up in a chart, it would portend lucky events or windfalls.  A 2-9/9-2 combination suggests ‘lucky in love’ and ‘lucky with money’.  Nevertheless, relying upon luck is a form of gambling which rarely produces consistent positive results.  Sharon’s intent was to convey the idea of favorable conditions.